The London taxi ride into the future

Driving into the future

In addition to Volvo is yet another European automotive brand to the Chinese Geely group, whose name is hardly known, their vehicles are but world-famous. Since 1948, the legendary London taxi is built in Coventry. Company and model are so old venerable, so modern the London taxi company (LTC) is currently. For around 350 million euros, the first new car plant in Britain originates in Coventry for over ten years. Attached is a research and Development Center, because the parent company has big plans - this is also the official launch of the new LTC TX5 in Germany.

The London taxi exports currently in about 40 countries in the world, including, for example, Azerbaijan. As host of the European song contest 2012, the country opted for an order. In its current basic form, the model is built TX since 1997 occurred the transformation from tradition to modernity. The current TX4 with a 2.5 liter turbo-diesel by VM motori of Italy providing 75 kW / 102 HP and meets the Euro 6 standard. For the company looking after vonr not enough. An electric version with range extender is intended to fit for the new challenges of mobility to the taxi. There are the always verstopfteren inner cities, bans on certain cars and also the trend towards abandoning the car, which could give a new priority to the taxi

Still, the TX5 is a prototype, but the production is scheduled at the end of the year. The new London taxi will be slightly larger and more comfortable without it provided to break with tradition. So, the round headlights in the circular daytime running light is integrated, as well received as the distinctive large grille as you like. The silhouette looks sleeker and flatter. The chrome outline of the window also seamlessly involves the front window. The turning radius of 7.60 metres required in London has been preserved in spite of the slight increase in length.

Range and performance, as well as details for the 1.5 liter Dreiyzlinder as a generator, the LTC silent out yet. There is more information to the rest of the new model. The number of seats in the rear grows to six to one. The first series is back folding and executed against the direction of travel, one of the two outer can be flipped for people with restricted movement a bit from the vehicle. As already its predecessor, also the E-taxi is barrier-free and equipped with a built-in ramp for wheelchair users. Thanks to the slightly longer wheelbase the third row for whose carriage must be no longer raised, and he has also no longer backwards, but in direction of travel.

In the TX5, there are generally more leg room, as well as for example by passengers separately adjustable air conditioning. What remains is the typical luggage compartment next to the driver, which operated most of the functions of a large touch screen in the center console. Like the TX4, the TX5 also features four stable and conspicuous yellow hand grips to the comfortable getting in and out - two vertically on the C-pillar and horizontally on the inside of the door. A novelty is the huge panoramic roof, with which the new taxi for tourist purposes is recommended.

Speaking of door. With the new model, the London taxi company returns to the rear-hinged doors. They swing open in a 90 degree angle and allow the passengers a more convenient access, as well as an easier way if they speak first with the taxi driver. The London taxi company has decide consciously against sliding doors. They were harder for many people to open and to close, because they are not accustomed to and electrically operated they are always vulnerable, LTC President Peter Johannsen says explained.

Volvo and Geely Board and LTC Chief Carl-Peter Forster believes that the TX5 "is a concept that will have a future in big cities". He would be "one of the most famous cars in the world" on an exciting new chapter in the history.

First of all, the LTC TX5 is introduced in the next year in London. From 2018 - for right hand drive - in other European countries, including Germany. Well could be a start in Berlin. (ampnet/jri)