The limits of the new technology

Munich, 26. July 2017

Intersection accidents, according to the automobile club, the ADAC, more than a quarter of all accidents. In order to improve traffic safety, offer to Turn some of the car manufacturers, therefore, and intersection assistants. But what are these electronic supporter? They work reliably and they really help in accident avoidance? To find out, has been tested by the ADAC, the systems in the Audi A4, the Mercedes E-class and the Volvo V90. The result: All three systems keep what they promise, but have potential for improvement.

In Detail: The Audi A4

The Audi System is based on a radar sensor and mono camera. It reacts, for example, only when the turn signal is set and the steering Wheel is turned. Also the collision opponent to the immediate neighboring track, and your speed must not be more than ten miles an hour. Often, these conditions are given in Turn, higher-speed accidents can be prevented.

In Detail: The Volvo V90

The Volvo System is similar to that of the Audi, however, are not pushed beyond the limits so narrow. It requires neither turn signals nor track mark, and the emergency braking function remains even at high speeds active. To avoid false tripping, the emergency braking until the last second before the imminent impact. As the only manufacturer Volvo offers the wizard as standard.

In Detail: The Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes regulates the crossing accident – unlike the Audi and Volvo by an emergency braking function when vehicles are crossing. The System works by means of radar sensor and stereo camera. It is up to 72 km/h is active. Drawback: The wizard responds only in the case of cross-traffic, it is less than half as fast as the Mercedes. In addition, it is not standard.

The claim of the ADAC

"The hybrid wizard are positive developments, the emergency braking assistant. The systems, however, still fairly quickly to their limits, and should rapidly cover more accident scenarios, for example, by a wider field of view, so that they have to pay accident even more effective reduce. Also, the manufacturer of hybrid wizard should offer as standard", said Dr. Reinhard scouring, head of the ADAC technology centre.(ml)