The first look at the new 5 series

Munich, 29 August 2016

A month before the Paris Auto Salon (1st to 16th October 2016) BMW provides us with a first official information to the new generation of the 5 series, which will be presented at the exhibition in France. But besides a connectivity-novelty, the manufacturer gives us the first glimpse of the limousine, which internally is called G30.

Three-dimensional views of the Smartphone

We still start with the new BMW-connected service: the feature called "Remote 3D View" is first used in a model of the brand. The technology allows the owner to obtain three-dimensional views of the vehicle via Smartphone in real time. Thus, a control look at the parked car from any distance is possible.

The 5 series and its optical relationship to the 7 series

We admit for once outside our privacy concerns and deal with the vehicle, which is pictured in the accompanying video of the product. The first view of the new generation of the 5 series so there is from above, a quick passing and a look from a distance. Nevertheless, there are already details that can be seen: especially the optical relationship will be clear to the 7 series. There not be a radical design change as with previous model changes. With what we can count on yet? The carbon-core concept of the 7 series is introduced in automaker BMW for cost reasons. This can be but the pointing in an autonomous future assistance systems from the upper class and the digital cockpit.

Popular engines and a plug-in hybrid model

Until the official engine range is announced, we have to be patient us a little. It is however assumed that at the launch of the sedan planned for spring 2017 (the combination follows only in the second half of the year) aggregates known from the previous are used. Name: volume model is likely to remain the 520 d with 190 HP diesel engine. The 530 d with 265 HP ranks about it. Is also to be expected with petrol engines from 192 HP up to 326 hp. Also a plug-in hybrid model with 326 HP system performance (especially for the United States and China) is possible. (ml)