The First Design Studies-Teaser

Stuttgart, 11. August 2017

A few days ago, Mercedes gave us via Instagram with the note that on the Concours d'elegance in California's Pebble Beach on 20. August of 2017, a new design study will be presented. Now has sent us a Download Link to a Video, which is entitled "Maybach six Teaser". What does that mean?

Refresher: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

We know that the manufacturer has unveiled last year in Pebble Beach the Vision of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 ... a red design study with biblical proportions. The long bonnet and the smooth surfaces, reminiscent of glorious coupes of the 1930s. Four electric motors are provided in the wind schlüpfigen concept for a four-wheel drive, with a total of 750 HP. This allowed for a Standard sprint in under four seconds, the pace was limited as usual to 250 km/h. The battery in the underbody saved about 80 kilowatt-hours of energy, sufficient for about 500 kilometers.

What the Teaser shows?

In the new Video, a similar long hood, is seen now, the shimmers, however, blue-metallic and not red. And also in the interior, a similar steering Wheel, similar instruments, and also two seats waiting for us. The turbine rims, (the coupe they measured huge 24-inch) are also to be found in the wheel wells.

Series for further study or maybe a convertible?

Mercedes chief Designer Gorden Wagener said Recently that a big Surprise was planned and the words "show car" and "icon" were. What is ultimately shown in the Californian coastal town, reveals the Video. It could be a smaller and series for further Interpretation of the final design study. Or Mercedes shows Maybach maybe a convertible Version of the coupe? Next week we know more ...(ml)