The electric Bulli – but not until 2022

Wolfsburg, 21. August 2017

The purely electric-powered remake of the VW Bulli. In January 2017 at the Detroit Motor Show presented in study I. D. Buzz. The members of the managing Board of the VW brand, Herbert Diess, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, Eckhard Scholz, now at the Concours d`Elegance (20. August 2017) in California's Pebble Beach.

First, the compact car I. D. comes

The I. D. Buzz is coming but not until 2022 on the market, because it has to be developed for series production yet. In front of the I. D. Buzz of the compact car called the I. D. on the road, the VW 2016 in Paris had shown. For him, a market was then called to start in the year 2020. But that's not all. By 2025, the VW wants to make group of more than 30 pure electric vehicles to the wheels. Should be addressed mainly to the markets in North America, Europe, and China.

Also van version planned

As for the study are also accommodated in the standard model, the batteries in the vehicle floor. By the electric drive with its low square front axle and rear axle can be apart very far, so VW. This allows for a lot of wheelbase and short Overhangs, which is good for the interior. The Bus version for private people to receive a "variable Seating landscapes". In addition, there should be a I. D. Buzz Cargo, an electrically driven Transporter for road delivery.

With the dimensions of the Multivan

The study of the I. D. Buzz should be driven by one or two electric motors, with rear-wheel drive, the car had 272 HP, with all-wheel drive 374 HP. The range was 450 to 600 kilometers. With 4.94 metres in length and almost two meters in height, the study had approximately the dimensions of the current Multivan. If this is replaced, not with shares of VW. But the electric Bus is based on the Modular electrification kit (MEB) and is also "highly automated" driving. The I. D. of the VW had shown how this could work: At the push of a button the steering Wheel disappeared, and the fully Autonomous mode was activated.(sl)