The best car in the world?

Goodwood (UK), 27. July 2017

"Since its debut in 1925, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the car of the most successful and important women and men and has a firm place in the very particular historical eyes", white Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös. Since 92 years, the series already, and now the Symbol for success and prosperity in the next, and now the eighth Generation. The new Rolls-Royce Phantom in the future as standards and the needs of the most demanding customers to meet? On. Every. Case.

"Architecture of Luxury": The platform

The platform, called Rolls-Royce, the "Architecture of Luxury". Behind the stately name of a lightweight aluminum space frame that is 30 percent stronger than its predecessor and comes with a 5-link rear suspension, four-wheel steering, as well as predictive air suspension adjustment in the future, the models Ghost, Wraith and Dawn to use in hiding. And also the planned SUV with the name of the project, Cullinan builds on this base. Whether as in the past, and how many of the 7 components are used, there is no mention of the BMW AG, the manufacturer. It is only important things like driving or Seating comfort, acoustics, and the visual presence of the vehicle and the size of the interior space are here. Speaking of size: It will give back the normal Phantom and the EWB-Version with an extended wheelbase.

The interior ... in the rear

To the interior: The Coach Doors are open. Get in the car. And in the back. The doors then close by itself. Welcome to "The Embrace". So Rolls-Royce is called the interior of the Phantom in which you should "like in an art gallery" feel. In the rear there are either Lounge seats, seats with armrests, sleep seats, or seats with a fixed center console. In the Latter place for a drinks tray with Whisky glasses and decanters, champagne is either glasses or a cooling tray. Now only the picnic tables fold down, which are attached to the Wooden backs of the front seats in the Eames-Lounge-Chair-style, embedded screens, all at the touch of a button extend, and the seats and armrests heat. The journey can begin. And if you are tired, you can turn on the stars-the roof of heaven – the largest ever integrated into a Rolls-Royce.

"The Gallery": the classic and the Modern

They would move their Rolls for once? Then you can sit in front of a dashboard space that is not baptized of the manufacturer only to "The Gallery", but which is also housed behind a single pane of tempered glass. On classic instruments of the Rolls-Royce waived. A 12.3-inch TFT colour display behind the steering Wheel, the all important driver information is displayed. How your dashboard will look like at the end but, you can decide for yourself ... and the artists they engage. Actually. Because in addition to materials such as wood, silk, metal and leather, for example, the favorite can be chosen painter who brings his individual works behind the glass. And for all the traditionalists, an analog clock, which was provided with the note that your Tick the "is the loudest noise you can hear in a Rolls-Royce is located in the center console".

Soundproof Room

On the topic of the volume: Six-Millimeter thick slices, and more than 130 kilograms of insulating material in each Phantom. Developed "Silent-Seal"tires, which contain a foam layer and the tire noise will be significantly quieter than the conventional Tyres specifically. According to the manufacturer it is in the Phantom now so quiet that the engineers Check the results on the calibration of your measuring devices doubted.

The heart of a Rolls-Royce has twelve chambers

New platform means new engine, which is Why the new Phantom comes in the enjoyment of a new unit. Fear of Downsizing, you need to have in this Segment, however, and so it remains a V12 under the hood. The remains of 6.75-Liter displacement. However, Rolls with the suction motor and the loader changes the engine's two turbo. The new performance data? 571 HP and 900 Newton meters of torque. Is associated the Twelve with an eight-speed automatic.

Infotainment and assistants to the Tooth of time

A Rolls-Royce "another milestone" is the electronic architecture of the new Phantom. Because a new Central nervous system of modern wizards, and connectivity features can be in the time-honored car integrated. There is a attention assistant, a Four-camera System with panoramic perspective, a night vision assistant, adaptive cruise control, forward collision and cross-traffic alert, a lane departure and lane change warning, Head-up Display, a Wi-Fi Hotspot and the latest navigation and entertainment systems.

Design, Design, Design

"The Phantom is a relaxed style, the Name is a byword for the special and Extraordinary even in the world of luxury, he has his own magic. The new Phantom bow in front of his Design legacy, while heralding in at the same time, with a modern and stimulating appearance of the next Era of the Royce-Royce Designs," says chief Designer Giles Taylor. We mean, we will spare you the full description of each Edge and each bead. Yes, the new Phantom reminds a bit of the models of the 1950s and 1960s, but he sees his predecessor too damn similar. Important Numbers? The headlights work with a laser light and radiation up to 600 metres wide, the wheels are a massive 22 inches tall. Dimensions the manufacturer provides none yet, but this is likely to be the clientele of the vehicle is pretty no matter. Only "too small" would be good. The price for all this opulence? The Rolls-Royce does not reveal yet. So far, it started at a moderate 411.205 Euro for the sedan.(ml)