The beetle in sport dress celebrates birthday

Wolfsburg, February 5, 2015

1955 Karmann - Ghia rolled off the first coupe from the tape. Thus, the elegant VW 's 60th anniversary this year. The Auto Museum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg congratulates with the special exhibition " Beetle in sports clothes ". Until April 11, 2015 Series models and rebuilt unique show.

The design developed Ghia

In 1953 Wilhelm Karmann presented the VW boss Heinrich Nordhoff a prototype sports coupe based on the Beetle technology. The design Karmann had commissioned his friend Luigi Segre, owner of the Italian coachbuilder Ghia in order. The vehicle study, which is still the characteristic " nostrils " were missing, is now presented in the car museum.

1955 was the first coupe from the tape

The study was convicted of Nordhoff for good, and so was VW Karmann commissioned to develop the car to series production. In the spring of 1955, the first Karmann Ghia coupe ran off the line ?? as Type 14. The first model is known by its small spoons and the " Nostrils" and the deep-set headlights.

Numerous optical changes

During his twenty years of evolutionary history of the Karmann Ghia received in addition to technical improvements up to 50 - horsepower 1.6-liter engine numerous visual enhancements. The second series 1959/60 the front has been modified, the rear lights have been changed and the rear windows did exhibit now. 1969 were slightly larger taillights and rear cat eyes. And 1971 donated to him massive box - bumper and taillights even more, also the interior was much refreshed. In 1974, the car was set as a coupe and as a convertible and detached from the Scirocco ?? Although designed by Giugiaro instead of by Ghia, but was also made by Karmann.

A Karmann Ghia with electric drive

In addition to the evolutionary stages of the Karmann Ghia be admired in the special exhibition of enthusiasts converted unique. Among them is a Karmann Ghia convertible with electric drive or a completely upgraded with Porsche 993 Coupe technology. Continue to see is originating from South America Karmann race car ?? on a car like Emerson Fittipaldi began his motorsport career.

The big brother: Type 34

In addition to other prototypes such as the EA 47-12, a four-seater Volkswagen study Ghia elements, is also the story of the "big brother ", the 1961-built Karmann Ghia Type 34 ?? here starting with the study from 1960 ?? illuminated. The international dimension is missing not because Karmann built early on a factory in Sao Paulo. In addition Karmann Ghia coupe and convertible, a version was developed only for Brazil ?? Touring Coupe TC 145th

Beginnings as Kutschenbauer

Karmann Ghia went to a long tradition of Wilhelm Karmann advance as coach and body - builders. In 1901 he had the operation in Osnabrück adopted to manufacture customized abutments. Especially designed for the automobile manufacturer Adler in Frankfurt / Main and produced numerous bodies. The end of the 40s began its decade-long partnership with Volkswagen, started with the Beetle Cabriolet. In addition, Karmann built for other automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Hanomag and Mercedes bodies or complete vehicles . ( sl)