The Ateca is sporty

Weiterstadt, 5 April 2017

Of course, each SUV, which is halfway something on themselves, a decent version of the sport needs. Or at least one that looks extremely sporty. That is the sports version of the Ateca, is fairly likely. On the good 300 PS of strong Ateca Cupra, we will have to wait yet some time. Until then this extremely red guy here to tell it. He is called FR Ateca and scores first and foremost with optical refinements.

Fancier aprons, more color

These include a selection of new 18 - and 19-inch wheels, sportier aprons and spoiler, more color on the aprons, more black on many other things like the roof rails and a bunch of odds and ends, which makes look the Interior after more than 150 Horsepower. These include Alcantara seats, Alupedale and many red stitching on the stalls, steering wheel and co.

28.020 euro

The seat Ateca FR will be available with diesel and gasoline engines between 150 and 190 HP. The most interesting choice is certainly a new two-liter turbo gasoline engine, is so far only known that it produces 190 HP. Depending on the engine, you can configure on request of DSG, all-wheel drive, an Adaptive chassis or a progressive Steering in his FR. His debut there Ateca FR on the Barcelona motor show (11-May 21, 2017). Prices start at 28.020 euros for the 150-Horsepower gasoline engine. (black & white)