The analog Aston Martin

Gaydon (United Kingdom), 6 April 2016

What makes a sports car to a pure sports car? Little insulation, low weight, hardly any comfort? All right, but for many enthusiasts is mainly one thing big on the wish list of the facilities: a manual gearbox. Aston Martin has now answered the prayers of fans of the third pedal and S brings the V12 Vantage with the option of a manual gear box.

With seven-speed manual box

The new transmission has seven gears. The first course of the so-called dog-leg-box is left below, the reverse gear. This ensures that the courses most frequently used in the double H pattern in the middle and accessible as quickly as possible. If this is however too much simplicity, you can continue to rely on the automated seven-speed Sportshift transmission. Both variants can be in 3.9 seconds to 100 Sprint S the 573 PS of strong V12 Vantage. Each is at a top speed of 328 mph.

Prices to the market still unknown

The first deliveries of the analog Aston Martin V12 Vantage will begin in the third quarter of the year 2016. At prices of the manufacturers did not comment so far yet. The Coupé with automatic gear box starts still at 181.295 euros, the Roadster at 193.295 euros.

New sport plus package

Also new for the model year 2017: a sport plus package. It provides for the ex - and Interior changes. So it is, for example, specifically colour accents on the framing of the radiator grille, side skirts, the diffuser, the calipers or the exterior mirrors. Inside, the selected colour is then picked up with matching contrast stitching.

New Infotainment system for all models

Another innovation of this time affects all Aston Martin models is a revamped Infotainment System. This includes a modern navigation system with a redesigned and more intuitive user interface as well as a simplified Smartphone connection with Apple CarPlay. (ml)