The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

Paris (France), 28 January 2015

On the Festival Automobile International in Paris ( 28 January-1 February 2015) presented the Renault Alpine daughter with the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, the concept of a racing car. The designers have digital study developed exclusively for the PlayStation game Gran Turismo 6. The 1: 1 model, however, is to give an outlook on possible design elements for the planned 2016 Alpine series vehicle.

History meets modernity

The concept car is based on a carbon fiber monocoque and is designed as a lightweight, agile and open vehicle. Accidentally became the base with a modern and efficient aerodynamics package, so Alpine. At the same time the hot rod with the flat, v - shaped front cover of the legendary cult sports car Alpine 110 and with cross-shaped LED lights on the two sports prototype A210 and A220 to remember, with which the brand in the 1960s at the 24-hour race took of Le Mans.

spectacular rear

Furthermore, the designers paid special attention to a spectacular tail. The Reason? It is the most common view in driving games like Gran Turismo 6. To the rear of the vehicle is characterized by an underlying wing which connects the wheel arches together. Elongated Finns also quote the A210 design, and the overall design provides an unobstructed view of the suspension together with double wishbones.

Long-distance cockpit

The cockpit view is also popular in racing games of view. By A Butterfly door of the pilot gets into the open cockpit. As with similar endurance prototype is there an almost rectangular steering wheel with digital instruments. Since most racetracks, including Le Mans, be driven clockwise, the pilot sits on the right side of the vehicle.

Technical data of the study

The developers packed a V8 mid-engine with 4.5 liter displacement in the nested carbon fiber shell. 450 hp and 580 Nm of torque directs the engine via a sequential seven-speed gearbox to the rear wheels on. That should be enough for a top speed of 320 km / h. Is delayed just 900 kilograms, the model with 390-millimeter disc brakes front and 355 millimeters at the rear. At high speeds, the pilot can also activate a hydraulic air brake.

future prospects

Whether that now in Paris presented 1: 1 model of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo ever goes into the real race is not known. There will probably remain, but once in a vehicle for the virtual competition. (ml)