The Airstream's Nest is a GRP caravan

Jackson Center, Ohio (USA), 13. April 2018

Camping is cool again. What makes the holidays-in-the-nature-of the Situation, however, Coolness-wise completely explode, when you pull an Airstream behind her. You know, those American Trailer-Monster, in which freedom and adventure from every Pore of their high-gloss aluminum skin-deep. The company's founder, Wally Byam brought it once to the point, when he said: "We don't sell trailers, we sell a way of life." However, this sense of life is usually huge and incredibly expensive. This is for many a Problem. Therefore, the living cart-icon from Ohio now in new ways. With their latest creation called the Nest.

Severe Birth

The Nest is not necessarily what you would call classic beauty. It is small, practical, modern, and aluminum is far and wide nothing to see. He is the first Airstream from glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP). With the introduction of the new material, the company has released quite a time. Already in the 1950s, Byam had been experimenting with fiberglass. More than half a century later, the first plastic-Airstream is now on the market. And it also required a purchase in the year 2016, because the Nest was originally designed by American Designer Robert Johans. Under his leadership, we developed the Nest, then the in-house market-ready.

With 5.18 metres is relatively small

The Nest looks like a small rail-wagon, has rounded Windows and a windscreen, which is inspired, according to the Airstream of ski goggles. Why not. It is 5.18 metres long, 2.13 meters wide and weighs approximately 1540 pounds. You can pull it with most normal cars, and doesn't need a full-blown Pick-up Truck. Inside, he offers to 10.4 square metres, however, everything that makes two Camper's heart beat faster: He has a kitchen with a sink, two stove plates, a microwave and a refrigerator. He also has a sufficiently large bathroom with a toilet and a shower. In order to meet all residential preferences, Airstream when you Nest two different floor plans. One of which has a U-shaped Seating arrangement (with table), which can be transformed into a place to sleep, and the other a permanent bed with a more comfortable mattress.

From 45.900 US Dollar

The Airstream's Nest is available in the USA from 45.900 USD plus tax. The equivalent of approximately 37,200 Euro (plus taxes). The smallest Airstream trailer remains on the "Basecamp". Of 4,96-Meter-long aluminum-trailer in Germany costs at least 44.317 euros. For a full blown Airstream 684, of 8.25 meters, the largest in Germany, available model, including the Release of 105,000 euros.(sw)