Test - VW Caddy Cross gaudy box

gaudy box

Sometimes it may be something more. The VW Cross models, there are some striking optical attachments. This is also the Cross Caddy that. However, the practical beneficial insect falls in front of all its paint.

High Roof Kombis are characterized neither by an exciting line up another by a particularly sexy image. The box-shaped vehicles are particularly popular as a practical and passenger versions with families or recreational activists. The VW Caddy is no exception. The available for well over a half-year Trim Cross wants to spice it up a little watching this type of vehicle. We tested the five-seater Caddy Cross with the 103 kW/140 hp 2.0-liter diesel.

One thing first: The Cross Caddy is not for people who like to skimp when spending money or inconspicuous are traveling on the road. About 3,800 euros extra charge for comparable Caddy ( Trendline ) calls the Nutzfahrsparte of VW on the sugarcoated beneficial insect. Before now whether the hefty price premium takes your breath while reading or even suspend: There are already some chic extras for the money. These include black wheel arch trims, a silver underride protection for front and rear, privacy glass, a silver-colored roof rails and distinctive 17-inch wheels. As a further cross - ingredients may be listed for respiratory rate reassurance: leather steering wheel, an adjustable center armrest, chrome trim for the driver and passenger seat lumbar support and heated seats, hill start assist and daytime running lights and fog lights. An air conditioner ( 1,400 euros ) or parking sensors (730 euros ) still have to be paid separately. Thus, our test vehicle blew up (from 28 852 euros ), the 30,000 euro mark with no problems.

Our test vehicle shone in the metallic color Viper Green - you guessed it, another 600 euros will be charged. With this color but you are guaranteed to make out from the crowd of mostly silver-gray Caddy, and she helps on the super market parking lot to discover the vehicle immediately. It is the way with strangers in contact, where the color is noticed. Whether always positive? Well, who say one way the other way. The communication-enhancing color continues in the interior. The seat covers and door panels are held in two-tone green and anthracite.

© SP-XHinter the wide-opening tailgate is a giant maw opens up   Whether you need the cross-details to be seen. The intrinsic values ​​of the Caddy, however, are simply convincing. ( Difficult Beware! ) Behind the wide-opening tailgate is a giant maw opens up. Even the basic position he has made ​​750 liters of cargo space. Here you have to have no fear, not irrepressible its purchases or holiday luggage. Do you need even more space, can not only tilt the backrest, but fold the second row seats also forward. The two sliding side doors are also practical. The workmanship and the materials give the impression that robust graces the interior so quickly can not hurt.

For the propulsion provided in our test car the well-known 2.0 - liter diesel with 103 kW/140 hp. The sometimes rough-sounding compression-ignition engine has no problems that small transport miracle in a reasonable time to accelerate ( 10.5 seconds ) to 100. It comes fast on the spot and also on the highway without troubles in the flow of traffic to swim (Vmax: 186 km / h ). When relaxed to not quite slower driving an average of 7.5 liters flowing through the lines, pretending just 1.5 liters more than the standard value.

Can not deny the Caddy, however, the commercial vehicle genes when it comes to the issue of comfort. Although the seats are, for example, tidy, but they do not come close to the quality of the usual Volkswagen car chairs. The rear suspension is acting far less pliable when it comes to driving on poorer sections than the civilian model sister Touran. This is not really serious, but detract from the long-distance comfort significantly. But as a long-distance runner, the Caddy will probably buy rather less. His domain is the family transport from A to B and is functioning smoothly .   Whether or not Cross Cross: The Caddy particularly impressed with its practical side. By the way: Who tends to communication stimulating color, even the normal model can be ordered in eye-catching paint tones.

VW Cross Caddy - Specifications

Five-seater MPV with sliding doors Length: 4.43 meters Width: 1.79 meters ( 2.06 meters with exterior mirrors ) Height: 1.86 meters Wheelbase: 2.68 meters Boot capacity: 750-3030 liters

Diesel, 2.0-liter, 103 kW/140 hp, six-speed transmission, maximum torque: 320 Nm at 1750-2500 r / min, Vmax: 186 km / h, 0-100 km / h: 10.5 s, average fuel consumption: 6.1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 161 g / km, efficiency class: D, test consumption: 7.5 liters   Price: from 28 852 €

The Caddy adds color to everyday family life and who can afford it, brings a lot of kids and toys under in the bright box.