Test - Skoda Rapid Spaceback Last generation Golf

Last generation Golf

Anyone planning to buy a VW, looks like sometimes in offering the sister brand Skoda. Recently, there is also a real alternative to golf. Although the Rapid Spaceback can not compete in any way.

Until now had to Skoda in the compact class a respectful distance keep a bestseller of the parent brand VW. Although the Octavia may use the technique of golf, but modified it so spacious that it is more of a threat to the middle class model Passat. Recently, however, the Czechs have with the Rapid Spaceback a compact model in the program, which consistently placed with its 4.30 meter long hatchback body on the recipe for success in the golf class. Differences to the consolidated brother found but still.

Starting with the technology: Skoda does not use the brand new golf kit, but uses the group - shelf parts in the subjects "Polo" and " Fabia ". That the Rapid genetically so rather is a small car, but he does not let up. The clear and timeless body design, exudes already visually from the solidity of the compact class. Although there is a lack in the interior as compared to golf something of shoulder room, you sit anything but cramped. The rear seat passengers can enjoy a quite lush footwell even. And the boot is a little larger than in the group brother with the four letters with 415-1380 liters.

© SkodaDer interior is somewhat simpler than in the Gulf   Where the Rapid is really noticeable not golf, is the interior appearance. There, the Wolfsburg has now reached a level that no direct competitor - and that goes for the Czech relationship - achieved. That is, in this case, however, no criticism, no more than a slight reprimand. In spite of simpler materials, and lack of finesse in the detail of Skoda is quite at the level time. The arrangement of the controls follows the typical and time-tested Volkswagen - order switches and knobs are the driver from numerous other older Group models familiar. No wonder the Rapid waived but the latest driver assistance and infotainment systems. State of the art is not the Golf VII, but the previous generation of five and six. The only really noticeable, however important when one orders the car in full equipment with Navi and Co..

Speaking of equipment: The option list of Skoda is to that of the Golf like the phone book from Hamburg to that of Homburg. The motto of the Czech Republic is home cooking plus a few gourmet appetizers. In the base is after all a radio on board, in the higher trim levels, there are even exquisite items such as xenon light or climate control. Modern assistance systems such as the Gulf has them, but are completely absent. There are, after all extras such as a large panoramic roof-to-operate by hand roller sunblind and an extended rear window that will let more light into the interior.

Surprisingly few differences to golf there when driving. The Wolfsburg like to draw a little more specific and somewhat more balanced springs, the Czech but it creates quite pleasant to combine agility and comfort. In this case, it also helps in comparison to golf a little less weight. Thus, the test car used in the 1.2 - liter turbo gasoline engine with 77 kW/105 hp has relatively easy game. After a noticeable Directions weakness below 2,000 rpm it starts off strong and accelerates the five-door afloat on the Autobahn. Anyone who uses the precise six-speed transmission, has also still sufficient reserves for swift overtaking. When consumption of the four-cylinder misses Although the standard consumption of 5.4 liters of clear, but about seven liters per 100 kilometers go in order.

The overall appearance of the convincing Rapid however comes at a cost - a cost model is not the Compact. With the 77 kW/105 hp 1.2-liter gasoline engine, it costs at least € 16,090 in the basic version "Active". Air conditioning, fog lamps and rear window must then be ordered to do so. Who selects the significantly more attractive line " Ambition" for 18,350 euros, but has the most important thing on board. However, a comparable VW Golf " Comfortline" with identical engine is then priced not very far away with 20,675 euros.

But who can give up the last bit of perfection found in Rapid Spaceback at least at the lower levels of golf equipment an almost equivalent alternative. But when it comes to powerful engines, the latest assistance systems and the best infotainment equipment, the Wolfsburg runs the Czechs it for miles. This is of course no coincidence, because the real competitors of his most important model VW wants the eastern daughter but then do not.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1.2 TSI 77 kW - Specifications:

Five-seater hatchback sedan in the compact class Length: 4.30 meters Width: 1.71 meters (1.90 meters with exterior mirrors ) Height: 1.46 meters Wheelbase: 2.60 meters Boot capacity: 415-1380 liters.

1.2-liter TSI 77 kW/105 hp, six-speed transmission, maximum torque: 175 Nm at 1550-4100 r / min, Vmax: 193 km / h, 0-100 km / h: 10.2 s, average fuel consumption: 5.4 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 125 g / km efficiency class: C (C ), Test consumption: 7 l/100 km,   Price: from 16,090 euros

Who wants to save the golf department should look at the Skoda Rapid Spaceback definitely.