Test Porsche Panamera S Hybrid E- Green luxury

Green luxury

It does not always have a boxer engine rattle hoarse, so that a Porsche emotions generated. Also, the almost silent roles can be fun. For this type of locomotion, which tend not to succeed in a penalty, Porsche has a sedan on offer that feels comfortable even in city locations - at least sometimes.

A Porsche, whether penalty, Boxster, Cayenne or Panamera, is not directly designed as a city car. In the regulated urban spaces the cars can not play their potential nature and bring her driver there accordingly much less pleasure. Ironically, however, the largest Porsche model feels right at home in the city. The Panamera makes there really fun as long as you have selected the version with socket connection, as we have seen in our daily life test with the Panamera S Hybrid E-.

Although one must restrict: fun actually only the electric driving, almost silent rolling over the widest possible roads, even parking on sufficiently large shelves. The pleasure, however, can by quickly when you should maneuver the five-meter sedan in a hotel garage, which was measured for the first-generation Golf, compels the parking sensors to continuous beeping and then not even offer an outlet. Without nocturnal intermediate charge is the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid Porsche to normal hybrid model that is just mostly driven by its internal combustion engine. The fun of pure battery ride on the inaugural sustainable lost. Whereby in actually empty memory after all, still much juice is stashed away that you can roll electrically and approach.

© PorscheIn the garage at home fully loaded with power flow at the 400 - volt outlet, the display shows an electric range of 22 kilometers   In the domestic garage fully loaded with power flow at the 400 - volt outlet, the display shows an electric range of 22 kilometers. Porsche promises a maximum of 36, but not in winter conditions. The specification of the display is realistic, but is also quite fast, the influence of topography on the power consumption. Because we live in the valley, it's also on the short way to the bakery first sharply uphill. Five kilometers later, the electric range has been halved. The return is in accordance valley, which is why at the end of this very short drive of 10 kilometers, the electric range remains at 10 km. The Panamera with the 9.4 kWh large lithium-ion battery accelerate solely on electric power at least 135 km / h The compressor-assisted V6 switches on only when you request more power kickdown or the battery charge is low. The start of the six-cylinder is happening largely unnoticed and is advised mainly at low speeds by the upstroke of the green pointer in the central tachometer.

Green is actually the catchword for this plug-in hybrids. Green pointer, a green boxed model logo and last but not least a lot of green-looking technology characterize the nominally most economical Porsche this side of the miracle sportsman 918 Spyder. The option that the first 36 km emission-free electric driving to the test reduced the official standard consumption of 3.1 liters sedan and CO2 dioxide emissions to 71 grams. With this technique you can naturally take loose any currently angedachte EU consumption hurdle. The fact that the theoretical values ​​have to do with everyday life, much less than normal models, is self-important that this statement is relative.

We used the Panamera for an extended business trip, on which he proved to be a comfortable long-distance cruiser and on average consumed 9.5 liters. If you use the power potential of 416 hp, performance, and at least 333 supercharged horses fairly and approaches also once a top speed of 270 km / h, consumption of 13-15 liters are not unrealistic. On the other hand, remains the consumption indicator at zero, if a week goes short distances only 10-15 kilometers per tour and the vehicle connects to the electrical outlet depends.

© Porsch Eden plug to be mugged when you unlock the car   This is way easy. In the trunk, Porsche has placed a pocket for cables and charger. At the cargo box, which regulates the current traffic between the home and car, you can either a normal 230 - volt cable or connect for power. Connect the plug to be mugged when you unlock the car. For short trips, the cable stays in the house, otherwise it is easily stowed away. So get used to it pretty quickly to the advantages of electric driving.

Whether you just need it to buy a Porsche Panamera, but is a question that depends not least on the field of use of the vehicle and of course from the balance of the potential owner. Porsche may be the use of high-tech pay handsomely and calls 110 409 euro on the E-hybrids. That amounted to some 10,000 euros more than the stronger Panamera S costs. The more economical on long journeys Panamera Diesel there is equal to 25,000 euros cheaper. About the fuel consumption you will be investing in green technology probably can not go out. But a good conscience in matters of environment may eventually cost something. The astonished looks from passers-by in urban climes there are the silent roles after all, on top of it free of charge.

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid E - Specifications:   Five-door, four-seat luxury saloon, Length: 5.02 meters Width: 1.93 meters Height: 1.42 meters Wheelbase: 2.92 meters   Supercharged V6 + electric motor system Power: 306 kW/416 hp, maximum torque: 590 Nm at 1250-4000 r / min 0-100 km / h: 5,5 s Vmax: 270 km / h, Consumption: 3, 1 liter, CO2 emissions 71 g / km, efficiency class: A +, test consumption: 9.5 liters   Price: from 110 409 Euro

If a fat bank account, an equally thick garage with power outlet and environmentally conscious like going on tour, for the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid E could be interesting.