Tesla Semi: Power-Tractor

Palo Alto (USA), 17. November 2017

The production of the Tesla Model 3 does not start as hoped, and the quality of the vehicle in the criticism. However, Tesla Boss Elon Musk throws, as a result, the towel and shows two new electric car Highlights. The Roadster, on the other, the Semi, A truck that should come in 2020 on the market.

A Truck with sports car-values

As is so often the case with Tesla a the driving performance of marvel: Five seconds from zero to 60 miles (96 km/h) sports car values. Granted, it is the "Bobtail"value. So US truckers call the condition without a trailer. All well and good, but how it looks, including the complete loading? Here, Tesla says that with attached to 36.2 tonnes, the 60-mile mark falls after 20 seconds. With a view to this mass is a phenomenal value. For truckers also interesting to note: The Semi is supposed to handle a five-percent incline with constant speed of 105 km/h (65 miles, a typical Highway speed in the USA). German Truck driver should get here with a view of the Kassel mountains, a light in the eyes.

Huge Range

How is the range? Tesla is 500 miles of US-Highway-pace, well over 800 kilometers. This aerodynamic covers, and a flat underbody to help. Allegedly, the Semi has a better drag coefficient than a Bugatti Chiron, which does not speak necessarily for the Bugatti. So far, So good, but how long the appointment-ridden Trucker must wait at the charging station? Tesla wants stations to build at "Truck Stops" (comparable to our car) fast-charging points. With them, the batteries can get in 30 minutes enough juice for 400 miles (644 kilometers).

Production from 2019

The driver sits in the Tesla Semi by the way, in the middle, next to the steering Wheel, large touch screen. Cameras to monitor the dead angle, in addition to a number of other assistance systems. For long-range Autonomous mode can be activated to drive in a convoy. To expresses the total cost of Tesla so far, Semi-owner to save up to 1.6 million kilometres, $ 200,000 (the equivalent of 170,000 euros) on Fuel. The production of the Semi is about to start Tesla in the year 2019, reservations for $ 5,000 (the equivalent of 4.245 euros) will be accepted from now on. If the electric Truck will make it, but also to Europe, is at present completely open.(rh)