Tesla plans Two new models

Two new models

Cheaper batteries and new models: Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was optimistic, as he explained to the shareholder in the near future. And for a burning problem there is a solution.

Over the next two years, the model range of the American pioneer electric Tesla will increase to three models. At the same time pushes the brand, are involved in the Toyota and Daimler AG, into new segments before. The Model X, an electrically driven SUV to roll in the second quarter of next year on the market, reported Tesla CEO Elon Musk now at a shareholders meeting of the company. However, the vehicle will differ significantly from the Erlk├Ânig photos previously known.

In addition to the Model X, work on a "People's Tesla " who can assist compete in the 35,000 dollar class. Extend further development steps according to plan, so could the car with an electric range of 320 kilometers, so Musk, " sometime towards the end of 2016 " go into production.

For the Model S Tesla CEO presented an updated software that comes in the course of the year in the sedan and the so Musk, " the driver's driving behavior learns and adapts automatically. " The additional protection for the battery, since March is attached to all the Model S factory, will be offered free of charge for previously delivered vehicles. " Although the fact is not necessary ," says Musk. But then one could, even on concrete blocks go without something to happen. At the same time hinted Musk that the price of the Model S of currently more than $ 100,000 to approximately $ 95,000 could fall.

The approximately 2,500 built between 2008 and 2012 Roadster to find out an update this year. Whether there will be an open Tesla again in the future is still uncertain. What is certain is that the company will have installed about 200 fast-charging stations in the U.S. until the end of the year and that is to be started with the construction of the planned giga-battery factory in the coming months. This will be the price of lithium-ion batteries, estimates Musk, reduce by 30 percent.

Since the start of production the electric vehicles of the brand have traveled 344 million miles, according to Musk, " and despite some serious accidents no man is to come today in an accident with a Tesla died. " Tesla was in the headlines because several batteries in the model S had ignited after accidents and the vehicles burned out then.