Terrain giant

Stuttgart, February 23, 2015

About the lack of off-road enthusiasts is the Mercedes G-Class could not complain so far. Nevertheless, it is still in the off-road classic strikes one in the truest sense of the word: the new G 500 4x4² is the short brother of the monstrous G 63 6x6.

Power under the hood

Officially, the Mercedes G 500 4x4² 2015 ( March 5 to 15 ) referred to as near-series show car for the Geneva Motor Show, whose production depends on the response from the public. However, the extreme G is so precisely by designed to be expected with a small series. What is new, for example, the four-liter twin-turbo V8, the site of the giant takes over from the AMG GT and C 63. Here he is somewhat mitigated and makes "only" 422 hp and maximum torque of 610 Newton meters. In front of each rear wheel ensure double side pipes for the accompanying music. They should also not limit the rearward slope angle.

Greetings from the second floor

Compared to a conventional Mercedes G 500 Station Wagon long wheelbase of 2.85 meters remains the same, But that was already in common, all other key figures rise immensely. The car is 2.25 meters tall and just under 2.10 meters wide. Car parks should therefore be shunned. The ground clearance increases from 21 to 45 centimeters, the angle of repose of 52 degrees (front) and 54 degrees (rear). Exactly one meter wading depth allows the crossing of major rivers. Particularly striking is the wider track: The increase of almost 30 centimeters to 1.77 meters cause the two portal axles and the fat 325er tires on 22-inch wheels.

Designed for off-road

In contrast to conventional rigid axles, the wheels are at the portal solution not at the level of the center of the axle, but considerably below. The reduction in the portal gearboxes into Achsköpfen compensates for the huge rolling circumference of the tire. Speaking of tires: For off-road use of the G 500 4x4² Mercedes special rubber keeps the dimension 37 x 12.5 x 18 inches MT ready. Special Beadlock rims clamp the Mud - Terrain tires so tightly that it can not slip off the rim even at a complete loss of air. A two-piece in a protective stainless steel cover protects the main aggregates in the front and rear areas from damage.

Giant in Sport mode

Known from the normal G - model are permanent four-wheel drive, a road reduction in the transfer case and three lockable differentials while driving. The chassis is based on the basic features of the Series G, is a newly derived from rallying damper adjustment. Two parallel spring-damper legs are in use per wheel. While one works with fixed characteristics, has the second leg on an electronically controlled variable damping. The driver has the choice between the " Sport" and "Comfort". One may, given the dimensions hardly believe it, but Mercedes promises for the G 500 4x4² dynamic adaptive behavior.

What will it cost?

This fits the trimmed on Sport Optics: The front bumper is derived from the models G 63 and G 65 AMG, added some painted fender flares and LED light strips above the windshield. In the interior, black leather with white stitching for a luxurious feel. Then customers are likely to exist because the price of the Mercedes G should orient 63 6x6 500 4x4² in mass production on G. This will cost around 450,000 euros . (rh)