Tempo fetishist Jon Olsson is building a mega-Lambo

Monaco, March 11, 2016

Jon Olsson, actually known, building a unique Lamborghini Huracán as ski racers and freestylers. Because the 34-year old Swede has also a penchant for high speed on asphalt next to the preference for snow: he participated in the infamous, semi-legal underground events in the gumball 3000 series and repeatedly emerged with spectacular special vehicles, such as strong recently with a 1,000 HP Audi RS 6. Also a Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Murciélago SV he has already modified.

Disassembly after 478 km

Now it is on the V10 athletes Huracán. Already the 610 HP strong series car sprints in 3.2 seconds to 100 and reaches 325 km/h. Not enough for the sports car lovers Olsson. He drove the brand new car price 201.705 euro just 478 km, then he disassembled it, to make something completely new from it.

Extensive 3D scan

For the body modifications, Olsson happening this time very carefully. While the parts for the RS-6 conversion were handmade, prepreg carbon should be here used, usually mechanically processed. Pre-preg carbon is a weave of carbon fibers that are impregnated with plastic resin prepreg stands for term fibers. From this, the components are then produced by curing at elevated temperature and pressure. Conditions are detailed procedural rules, obtained from a 3D scan. Since Olsson's car was dismantled but, he borrowed a Huracán from a friend and can now customize Maskin & Laserteknik (MLT) by the specialist the elaborate 3D.

Engine Tuning at Stertman Motorsport

Once this work is completed, the car is brought to the Swedish tuner Stertman, with whom Olsson has worked at the RS 6 the Sweden under other two 18-karat-gold turbochargers built the Audi. Stertman to make the Engine Tuning and other performance modifications. Then, Olsson wants to test drive the car for some time with the original bodywork. For making the body will last about four months. What then happens? We will keep you up to date and present also the end product. We can hardly wait (sl)