Take a seat: Mercedes G-class

Stuttgart, 13. December 2017

The Mercedes G-class: it was always recognizable as such, stronger than any Trend. And according to series Director Gunnar Guethenke you want to stay exactly this timeless icon. Only better. For this reason, Mercedes makes a number of improvements that have been technically and formally, the biggest changes in the almost 40-year history of the model. As it lodged itself in the future in the founder of G-Unit and what the new interior is to be expected, I can now find out already. You have to take with me in the new G-class place.

From the site-goers to a Lifestyle product

For Mercedes, the G is a real stroke of luck. In 1979, developed, and had since then always made only minor Updates to the car, so he always remained up-to-date and always at the ravages of time. Initially, most people were interested in the vehicle, Lock three, to estimate a site setting or a rugged ladder frame with rigid axles knew – hunters, off-road freaks or military. As of 1999, the first AMG version came on the market, the G-class is slowly but surely becoming a real Lifestyle product. A fact that had to pay an extremely positive effect on sales. So alone in 2016 a total of approximately 20,000 copies of a total of about 300,000 vehicles were sold. And the trend is rising.

More space equals more comfort

Because Mercedes knows that the typical G-class-customer today is more of a solvent tooth Walt from the upper ten thousand, and not necessarily a Forester, will be the new edition of one thing above all: comfortable. Leg - and shoulder room in the first row to be enlarged to nearly four inches, the Elbow has improved here in addition to almost seven centimeters. The space in the rear to swell The shoulder room sets in here around three centimeters, the freedom of the Elbow to just under six inches. The bird, the leg clearance from the shoots, however, in the second row. Here are all of 15 inches could be gained in addition.

Off-road Expertise, encounters massage seats

I do it myself successively to all the places comfortably. With my height of almost 1,90 meters I logiere now on all Seats surprisingly well. The confined site-commercial vehicles-Flair is a thing of the past. A leather interior is always a standard feature. This includes amenities such as heated seats, cooled seats and a massage function are joined on request. I could be in the next G-class, so actually a massage while I take the Schöckl – the local mountain of Graz, and Burr knife for the off – road capabilities of the G-in attack. The new G-class has mastered the off-road testing shows the Schöckl plaque at the foot of the B-pillar.

Exterior elements for the interior

We come to the cockpit design: As you have noticed after looking at the pictures maybe, it will have the new interior, much less with the pragmatic, off-road interior of a classic G-class in common. On request, normal round instruments with real pointers are still to have, the IMAX-cinema-like display of scenery from the E or S classes, has managed, in the meantime, but also on the dashboard with the typical grab handle for the passenger. Nice: The lateral ventilation nozzles, together with the enclosing Element to the Look of the headlamp and its bezel, the speakers on the dashboard are reminiscent of the turn signal.

Infotainment and wizard

The two 12.3-inch Displays also suggest that the new G-class is not only comfortable, but also in terms of technology Features a corresponding record into the 21st century. Century makes. Explore, I was able to hide the Depths of the Infotainment system is not touch-sensitive Touch-surface on the steering Wheel (in the AMG Line as a flattened Version available) with haptic and acoustic pulses Mercedes but just as little as the planned driving assistance systems. Here, you can probably assume that the G-class can not only keep the distance to a preceding vehicle, but also the track.

The first exterior details before the unveiling

Sounds like a lot of new features. At the core, everything should be business as usual. And so the sharp Silhouette is not lost. How the new model will look, really, we are only at the Premiere at the North American International Auto Show in 2018 (14. up to 29. January) in Detroit. Some solid assurances to the exterior design of the Mercedes but made already: The legendary door handles to the top, therefore, just as preserved as the characteristic closing sound is to press the shape of the round headlights, small tail lights, the rugged exterior protection, the exposed spare wheel on the rear door, as well as the eye-catching turn signals on the Front. So it remains exciting.(ml)