Suzuki Ignis: The prices

Bensheim, 19 December 2016

A cheeky look, lot of space, and even a four-wheel drive: 3.70 metres short Suzuki Ignis provides as one of the first micro SUVs sensation. Is now known, which will cost the small Japanese market start regular 14 January 2017.

Ambience in the Club

So far, Suzuki had only announced what the so-called "intro" editions for quick cost. The base price remained up to date a secret. Now it's official: Let's go at 11.900 euros. A 1.2 litre suction petrol engine with 90 HP is common to all Ignis. Other engines are not planned so far. The initial equipment is however only neither air conditioning nor a radio on board are a case of absolute spenders because, apart from a light sensor. Just the handle to the next higher version of the Club is worth. This Suzuki calls 13.490 euros and offers not only air conditioning plus CD radio with USB connector and steering wheel remote control as equivalent. Add colorful accents in the Interior that are orange or Titan colors depending on the paint of the car from the factory come. Suzuki has Alternatively more colors in the accessories program.

All-wheel drive for an additional fee

Since we are talking about colors: seven skins are available to choose from, metallic charge will cost 450 euros, offered four different combinations of two with Black roof for more 300 euro. Only the Ignis even with all-wheel drive can be ordered from the comfort facilities. 1,500 additional euros will be payable for the Visco clutch system. The Ignis "Comfort" (from 14.490 euro) can be described as a fairly complete: on board, a height-adjustable driver's seat, individually adjustable rear seats, a DAB radio, 16-inch alloy wheels and a rear-view camera and a roof rails are seat heating front,. The top version of Ignis "Comfort +" shines with the full equipment: automatic climate control, LED headlights, Keyless Start, cruise control, navigation, and a trail system here are the highlights. Cost: 16.240 euro. The SVHS mild hybrid with start stop system will cost 800 euro more. On paper, the savings is only 0.3 liters, whether is worth the extra cost, so, not.

Who holds?

Too much competition must not fear the new Suzuki Ignis so far. The rustic Opel Karl rocks is 12,600 euros with air conditioning and a radio, but only 75 Horsepower under the hood. Also, he dispensed with cross up like the VW on a four-wheel drive. With 90-HP Turbo, but without air conditioning the VW euros juicy 14,900. Anyone looking for a correct Kraxler in small format, can be Panda 4 x 4 in the eye next to the Ignis the Fiat. As turbo gasoline engine with 86 HP he has a climate control for 16.690 Euro standard on board. The comparable Ignis variant costs around 1,100 euros more, but offers more content, waived by the Fiat. (rh)