Suzuki: Ignis comes 2016

Tokyo ( Japan ), October 30, 2015

Suzuki has ( until November 8 2015 October 28 ) forceful ascended to this year's Tokyo Motor Show: A total of 22 exciting exhibits on four and two wheels, the manufacturer has brought to the home fair.

Ignis: Mini Crossover comes to us

One of the most interesting is the Newcomers Ignis. The car in the Suzuki booth in Tokyo is the further development of the concept car iM-4, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2015th The Suzuki Ignis is a view of a new Mini crossover, the 2016 should also come to us. Whether it is again Ignis also here, has not yet been announced. Also with which technology the Small comes, is not foolproof: Conceivable are a four-wheel drive as an option and a 1.2 - liter gasoline engine with start-stop system. Alternatively, presumably the one-liter turbo gasoline engine from the Baleno will be offered. The latter, incidentally, was presented at the IAA auto show in September 2015 and also uses a well-known name.

Trail Concept: Ignis strongman

Another world premiere of Suzuki Ignis is the Trail Concept, based on the Ignis, but was visually trimmed again significantly towards Offroad. The study runs on wider tires and have plastic protectors for scratch protection at the wheel arches.

Mighty Deck and Air Triser

Moreover, the Suzuki Concept Car Mighty Deck the idea of ​​a fun car with textile roof and open cargo space before. In addition, the Concept Car Air Triser is shown, a compact minivan with three rows of seats. You should be possible to repurpose a few easy steps so that a lounge-like space is created.

Hustler Scoot and Concept GSX

From the two-wheeler sector of Scooter Hustler Scoot be seen. The concept motorcycle GSX is also a first view, could such future Sportbikes branded look . ( hd )