Subaru Impreza: Next level

Los Angeles ( USA ), November 19, 2015

Only at the end October 2015 was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show with a concept car, as the new Impreza will look five-door Subaru. Now presenting the manufacturer at the Los Angeles Auto Show ( 20 to 29 November 2015), the four-door version. From the current model there is to buy in Germany only in the form of ultra-powerful WRX STI ( without the suffix Impreza ). As we Subaru spokeswoman Andrea Wolf has declared on demand, the new four-door comes in weaker engines continue not to us. Since it but even still exist for WRX STI successor no information, the hope of seeing the notchback model in this country back in the muscle - variant remains.

15 centimeters longer than the five-door

Presented in LA study measures 4.55 meters, making it 15 centimeters longer than the five-door. Its wheelbase is 2.67 meters in both. By shallow sloping roofline and long rear overhang of the four-door model looks sleeker than the hatchback version. If the WRX STI comes really based on the sedan, Subaru could provide a properly bred athletes to the wheels ?? you have to just have a rich wing, a four-pipe exhaust system and a powerful diffuser to think. The 19-incher with 235er tires that combine the concept car with the ground, fit in any case already.

Five-door comes in 2017

Apart from the external dimensions Subaru has revealed no further technical information and gives no indication on possible engines or transmission variants. So we have to wait until the production version comes. At least from the five-door is known that he appear at dealers during the year 2017th ( hd )