Studies fever Mitsubishi

Tokyo (Japan), 22 July 2016

No one might have would be Mitsubishi not this year by a Verbrauchsskandel has been shaken, taken note of the brand. The Mitsubishi models for Europe are to average. But two new studies give hope that the Japanese are more stick in the memory.

The successor of the ASX?

"Indonesia International Auto Show" from 11th to August 21st, 2016, Mitsubishi shows a concept vehicle, which is to give evidence to a so-called "small crossover MPV". What you've got to understand below? The rugged look of an SUV, combined with the versatility of an MPV or van. Best examples of this are the 2008 and the new 3008 by Peugeot. Mitsubishi promises a wide body with an Interior for seven inmates for his study. The car will not be consequently too "small", we expect a magnitude of the ASX which is 4.29 meters long.

Mitsubishi makes great

The "ground tourer concept" will present at the car fair in Paris (1 to 16 October 2016) at the Mitsubishi Booth. The study of a "high end" SUV Coupe behind. This indicates 6 X a vehicle from the format of the BMW. Thus, a potential series model above the 4.70 metre Outlander would be positioned. Technically, Mitsubishi at the "ground tourer concept" relies on the plug-in hybrid known from the Outlander. (rh)