Stormtrooper drive Fiat 500e

Los Angeles, November 20, 2015

In less than a month has finally come. The Star Wars saga with "Episode VII - The awakening of power" in the next round. To celebrate the long-awaited next part of the legendary film series, shows the refiner " Garage Italia Customs " at the Los Angeles Auto Show ( November 20 to 29 2015) a very special version of the Fiat 500e, the electric version of the Italian small car.

A huge Stormtrooper Helmet

Even from the outside is clear: This Fiat 500e belongs to the dark side. The two-tone paint carries the exact same color as the armor of the Stormtrooper in the Star Wars movies. To perfect the look, the windows were covered with a tinted film, so that the sight of the Stormtrooper helmets is recognizable. The Fiat emblems were replaced by Stormtrooper logo ?? both front and rear, as well as to the hub covers the black painted rims. Whitewall tires Pirelli complete the picture.

Inside, it is powerful

Taking in the cockpit of the electric car space, the power you can almost feel it. Black and white leather with Alcantara inserts and contrasting stitching adorns the seats. The headrests were provided with handmade Stormtrooper logos and the steering wheel is also covered with black and white leather. The dashboard is painted completely white and on the passenger side sits a big Star Wars logo. All around a car, with which you can stylishly conquer the galaxy. May the force be with you! ( mf )