Liverpool (UK), September 23, 2015

It sounds really crazy, but the British sports car producer BAC evidently sees a need for a single-seater fun sports car that can be stowed away in his luxury yacht after use. People with the urge for gesichtsdeformierender acceleration and plenty of fresh air to the wrong BAC Mono possibly know. This is a single-seater racing car, who accidentally get an approval for road and drives like the devil. Now there is the BAC Mono in a new Marine Edition. The highlight: We can no longer leave the Mono now only on land but also on the own super yacht.

unusual accessories

For BAC has all parts of Mono with a special anti-corrosion coated ( in luxury yacht near it is finally mostly wet and salty ). In addition, the chassis has been strengthened and provided with attachment points for yacht cranes. A highlight that was so far, probably to be found in the least auto charge lists, is a crane arm made ​​of carbon, which is to facilitate loading of the athlete. Almost even wilder but sounds the special control - container system with temperature and moisture regulation, which is to protect the fast-paced fur seals before rough sea - air.

Incredibly fast and by the sea

The BAC Mono Marine Edition comes with the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder Mountune as the normal mono model year 2016. It brings it to 310 hp and 308 Newton meters and accelerates Rennflunder in 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h. The top speed is at 274 km / h. The BAC Mono also weighs in the Marine Edition only 580 kg.

Even the price is luxury

However has changed significantly, the price: now already has the mono se with the equivalent of almost 173,000 euros no real bargain, the Marine Edition shoots with a price of almost 692,000 euros but finally the bird off. BAC 's own words, is currently able to produce four cars a month in his new Liverpool factory. BAC co-founder Ian Briggs explained the idea behind the Marine Edition as follows: " I started my career with the designing of luxury yachts and I 've always wanted to combine my passion for marine and car design The Mono Marine Edition represents the application and. style for a clientele that knows no compromise. " ( sw )