'Spanish Ford factory 9 days of silence

Ford would plan for its factory in the Spanish Almussafes for nine days halt in november. A drop in demand for the models that will be built here would be the reason.

Except the assembly lines for complete cars is also the production line for the engines temporarily shut down, reports Reuters. The people working in that department would even thirteen days, not on the work need appear. The planned stop in production follows according to the well-known news agency at an earlier stop, with three days or significantly less took.

Production stops are not uncommon and can serve to remove excess stock or, for example, a production line to build. Nine days is, however, firmly and, indeed, would indicate a drop in demand. Given the product portfolio of the factory in Almussafes, this is not surprising. Ford makes in the neighborhood of Valencia, Kuga, Galaxy, Mondeo, Transit Connect and S-Max. Sure the MPV's and the Mondeo operate in segments where more automakers hard. That the Mondeo in hybrid form as well, qualities, emerges from the test of that car in AutoWeek 43. This edition is going to fail tomorrow at subscribers on the doormat and is available in-store.

In Almussafes work reportedly about 7,500 people and is a daily 1.840 cars built. A part of the engines that are made to go by boat to Canada for use in the Edge.