Sono Motors is looking for money

Sono Motors, the German newcomer, which for next year is a very affordable, fully electric car with solar panels, has promised, is looking for new investors.

Two months ago we rode our first tentative test kilometres with the Sono Sion, a fully electric car which has a low purchase price (20,000 euros) combines with a lot of ease-of-use and solar panels. Although the best things seemed promising, it was still really a prototype with which we reason. Nevertheless, it was Sono Motors confident with the two voorserie models touring to as many potential customers as possible to the people-EV. Also in the Netherlands there were six cities affected, where according to spokeswoman Alexa Rauscher more than a thousand people with the Sion reason and a few hundred more have only just got on. "At this moment we have daily reservations from the Netherlands," says Rauscher. "You are already one of our most important markets outside the German-speaking area."

In total, Sono Motors more than 8,000 reservations for the Zion picked up. But to get the car ready for production is more capital is needed. Earlier this month, it was already five million acquired from existing investors, the round that starts today have both private and institutional investors to persuade in Sono Motors to invest. As in previous crowdfunding rounds will co-founder Laurin Hahn at private lenders are especially responsive to their environmental conscience: "Our goal is to be a sustainable company. We believe that we can facilitate change."

Institutional investors get on board, emphasized Hahn that Sono Motors in the past year the value has doubled. The money that is now being brought in, in addition to the completion of the Zion also been devoted to the production start-up. That job must be in the fourth quarter of 2019 are done. If all is now reserved for cars to actually be taken, provides that an additional 140 million euro.

About the production, distribution and after-sales do Sono Motors still mysterious. After our first ride told CEO Laurin Hahn to AutoWeek, an 'experienced party within Europe in order to have for the production, and repair and maintenance to outsource to a well-known universal garageformule'. Sale of the Sion will be fully online.