So the Alfa 8C and GTV might look like

Munich, 4. June 2018

Sergio Marchionnes five year Plan for FCA group (presented at the 1. June 2018) in addition to Jeep, especially Alfa Romeo and Maserati in the foreground. The Trident finally gets his beautiful athletes Alfieri. And the same electrically as well as with and without a fixed roof. In addition, there will be a SUV below the Levante. Even more exciting, however, it is in Alfa. In addition to the two new SUVs they introduced the Fans to two brand new coupes. The GTV, a Giulia coupe will come with an electric Boost to 600 HP and up against the BMW M4 and co. compete. The new 8C is a more than 700-horsepower mid-engine super sports car with electric front axle.

So 8C and GTV could come

Both precious cars we have – on the Basis of the official Alfa-teaser-images – for you to render. Self-praise is truly foreign, but if the production versions look reasonably like what you have submitted to our Pixel artist, we'd be pretty happy.

Against McLaren and Ferrari

The data that spits Alfa so far to the new 8C, sound extremely promising. And they have little to do with the image of the beautiful predecessor from 2007. The 8C Competizione was a V8 front-engine coupe with 450 HP. The new guy gets a Carbon Monocoque and the engine behind the driver. To all appearances, he gains a Biturbo V6 that is supported by an E-Motor on the front axle. With over 700 HP and a 0-100 km/h time of under three seconds, the Alfa 8C is in the realm of McLaren 720S or Ferrari 488 Pista. At the latest in 2022, it will be ready.

Giulia coupe with about 600 HP

A little earlier we should get the benefit of the new Alfa GTV. The Giulia coupe was initially announced only as a Quadrifoglio version. And in terms of Performance a big step further than the 510-HP sedan. Thanks to a Hybrid setup, with electric Boost the performance of the GTV rises to over 600 HP without turbo lag. Alfa promises a 50:50 weight distribution, four-wheel drive and Torque Vectoring properties. A market launch for the new GTV has not called Alfa so far. If it comes before 2020, appears to be questionable. It was the fourth-GTV after 1965, the GTV6 of the 1980s, as well as the 916-GTV, which was built between 1995 and 2005.(sw)