So small is facelift

Schwalbach, 20 April 2016

Type of success, King of beauty, so much style, you can hardly hold it the range Rover Evoque is still showered with superlatives. And with over 520,000 copies sold is the stroke of luck for Land Rover quasi per se. However, he has now also five years on the dashing hump (where running out the time only?). As a more or less major facelift down pelted down but not before over a year on the compact SUV, the model care measures for the range Rover Evoque 2017 confined to little things. On very small details, to be exact.

Infotainment refresher

To get to enjoy of the main innovation of the Evoque, recommends looking into the Interior. There the new 10.2-inch Infotainment system called "InControl Touch Pro" perched now centrally so you do far enough has opened its purse strings. In the recently introduced Evoque you could see it already convertible, now it is available optionally in all Evoques. Who has the 'goodness' of the old Jaguar-Land Rover Infotainment in mind, will keep the innovation for a very good idea. Everyone else should do the same, because InControl touch Pro features a 60-gigabyte hard drive in the best of worlds, can be completely operated by touch gestures such as a Smartphone and has even a WiFi hotspot on board. Also it pretty well suitable to display another Evoque novelty. The coming model year, the trend SUV has namely providing 360-degree parking assistance.

Four new colors

The rest of the Evoque facelifts refers to optical cosmetics. There are four new paint colors and new coatings for radiator grille, air diffusers and emblems. Also has the so-called "graphite design package". It offers among others gray 20-incher, black body and dimmed lights. The range Rover Evoque vintage 2017 has its market launch in August 2016.(sw)