So comes the new Peugeot SUV

Cologne, 23 May 2016

What nowadays you need as automakers in the program? The answer is: a compact SUV. Therefore, Peugeot has the model named 3008 in the fleet since 2009. The facelift came in October 2013 and almost three years later the French will be presenting the completely new and second generation of 3008 at the motor show in Paris (1 to 16 October 2016) now in autumn 2016. We already have the first pictures and information about the vehicle.

New platform, new dimensions

The 3008 is based on the new and modular platform EMP2. Thus, he loses about 100 kilograms weight compared to its predecessor. The new minimum empty weight is 1,325 kilograms now and the new dimensions to be 4.45 meters in length, 1.91 meters in width and 1.62 meters in height. The trunk holds 520 litres and those who need more cargo space, can fold down completely the rear seats and even the front passenger seat.

New exterior appearance

The exterior reminds of vertically standing front of the vehicle, the high belt line, and the impact protection bumpers, wheel arches and sills a little at the little brother of the 3008 Peugeot speaks the newly lifted 2008 at the recessed from a "feeling of strength and animal aggressiveness" or a look, which "neither distorted nor flashy acts". We think you should look at the photos and yourself make a picture of the very futuristic-looking vehicle. Peugeot is sure that "his look is the 3008 the trendiest SUV on the market".

New interior from the future

Inside, it continues with Futurism. The instrument panel and the design of the entire driver's workplace were developed further and stand out considerably from well-known Interior concepts. The steering wheel has become even more compact and received two flats. The instrument cluster behind the steering wheel as standard is a 12.3-inch display. It visualizes motor parameters, the on-board computer and General driving data navigation data, driver assistance systems (all popular Wizard has the 3008). An eight inch screen for air conditioning, navigation, vehicle settings, phone, radio, apps sits in the center console. It is served (Peugeot calls them "Toggle switch") by finger pressure or about six toggle switches. In addition to waiting for the Interior with massage seats and an air freshener and depending on the purse, he is provided with materials such as leather, carbon and chromium.

The engines and transmissions and no 4WD

In Germany, the Peugeot 3008 has its launch end of 2016. Then, the compact SUV with four different engines will be offered. With the gasoline units, you have the choice between a 1.2 liter three-cylinder 130 HP with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder 165 HP If you wish to travel prefer diesel, you must decide whether a 1.6-liter unit with 100 or 120 HP is sufficient, or whether the top two-litre diesel with 150 or 180 HP should be dear. Peugeot offers manual five - and six-speed circuits, or a six-speed automatic transmission variants. All-wheel drive? There isn't still in the 3008. Also not as an option. Instead, Peugeot offers a traction system called "Grip Control" which with different modes (normal, snow, mud, sand and ESP off), 18-inch-M + S-tyres and a hill descent assist will ensure the more assertive away from the paved roads.

Consumption, driving performance and prices

To fuel consumption, driving performance and also the price there is still no information Peugeot. Currently consumes a 3008 with 130 HP petrol engine in the section 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers, accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds, achieved a top speed of 199 mph and is to have as 26.050 euro. The current diesel-top model with 150 HP, however, at least 30,900 euros, consumed 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers, sprints in 9.7 seconds to 100 and is quickly up to 195 km/h. (ml)