Small cars offer too little preventive safety systems

Brussels (Belgium), 1 June 2017

Can small cars in crash tests reach in the future even the top rating of five stars? Optimum security is now simply too expensive for cheap one dough learn witness? This question arises after the latest EuroNCAP test round in which four models were investigated.

Small car with good security only optional

The new generation of the mini countryman and the koda Kodiaq received a five-star rating here. Unlike the small car Nissan Micra and Suzuki Swift. The new Micra received the top rating just more with the optional safety package, the version of the series was awarded only four stars. Similar to, but worse was the new version of the swift: the standard equipment here only holds three stars, only with additional safety features to become four stars.

Weak emergency brake system

It is not so, that the small car at impact provide less security: all four models received protection from adult inmates, of children in the Interior and even pedestrian safety full five star. That Micra and swift worse cut, is that they as standard too little active (i.e. before acting) assistance systems possess. So, there's an automatic emergency braking system for the Suzuki Swift only the DSBS is optional according to the German price list (dual-sensor brake support) only in the top version comfort + on board. A pedestrian detection does not offer DSBS. The Nissan Micra, there is an emergency braking system as standard according to German price list, but again only optional is the pedestrian detection.

From 2018 also cyclists recognition necessary

EuroNCAP Chief Michiel van Ratingen concludes: "EuroNCAP pedestrian emergency braking rewarded since last year and we have seen a rapid introduction of the technology. We hope for an equally rapid introduction of emergency braking systems with cyclists detection, when testing these systems starting next year include the rating." You can see: the EuroNCAP criteria for optimal security be sharper continue year after year. Whether small cars in the future will offer all safety systems as standard, depends not only from the manufacturers, but also by the behavior of European customers: buy small cars with full safety equipment or accept them rather a three-or four-star rating? (sl)