Skoda vision E: information

Shanghai (China), 18 April 2017

Thick air for conventionally powered cars: China is increasingly becoming an important market for Electromobility. No wonder, then, that in addition to Audi also Skoda at the fair 'Auto Shanghai' (19-29 April 2017) electric study notes, quite specifically that in the future. There is talk of the vision of E.

A quintet by 2025

S vision is the first purely electric concept vehicle in the history of the Czech brand. And arguably the most ambitious, because by 2025 Skoda in addition to plug into vehicles will have (the corresponding superb starts 2019) five electric cars in the program. The MEB platform of the VW Group, the so-called "electrical construction kit" makes this possible. PS. the vision E has two electric motors with a system capacity of 225 kW according to 306 Enable an all-wheel drive, the top is 180 km/h. lithium-ion batteries with unspecified known capacity to ensure a range of up to 500 kilometres.

Associations with the Kodiaq

Design of Skoda is expected remind vision E many viewers a (probably 2018 upcoming) Coupé version of the Kodiaq. Not wrong, because with 4.69 meters the study almost equal in length, but approximately six centimeters is flat. The width is 1.92 meters. However, a clear difference is the six centimetres longer wheelbase of 2.85 meters, pointing to the other platform. A B-pillar is missing the vision E as well as Classic exterior mirrors, whose Aufgaben are taken over by cameras.

Look me in the eye!

The slightly raised seats can be turned by up to 20 degrees to the more convenient entry and exit. More displays for the rider is located next to the cockpit screen. A camera-based system called "Eye-tracking" permanently monitors the driver's eye movements, the need of it information always ergonomically ideal to represent. A special storage for the Smartphone is located in the inside of each door. There's not only inductive loads up, but also transmits information on the respective display in the cockpit. Speaking of Inductive charging: this should be possible when the vision of E, alternatively a quick charging cable provides 80 percent juice in the battery in 30 minutes.

Goes (almost) by itself

Finally, the study meets all requirements for autonomous driving of level three out of five possible. So the vehicle can in traffic automatically operate on autopilot distances on highways, keeping to the Dodge, and perform left and alone and Park out. (rh)