Shorter and lighter: The new Astra K

Rüsselsheim, May 6, 2015

In autumn 2015, in time for the IAA in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 ), Opel will unveil the completely redesigned Astra K. This is Opel's volume model to classic six times Kadett and Astra five times in the now eleventh generation of vehicles. In addition to a fresh design are mainly efficiency and innovation of the new compact car from Rüsselsheim speak.

New design, new lighting technology

Currently heavily camouflaged prototype making the rounds and so can be made ​​very little suspect about the new Astra design. Edged it to be, even though the typical round Opel - forms remain intact. Opel CEO Karl - Thomas Neumann speaks of a " great design ". A new lighting technology is to be used and so the newly designed headlights and rear lights will work with LED technology.

New platform, new levels, new weight

Against the general trend, the increasing vehicles, the new Astra shrink the size. The body is 26 mm lower and 49 mm shorter. The wheelbase is shortened by 23 millimeters. This is mainly due to the newly developed GM vehicle platform D2XX. She is also responsible for ensuring that Opel engineers were able to reduce vehicle weight substantially. Between 120 and 200 kilograms of the Astra K loses in its latest generation compared to its predecessor. This is to not only be far more agile but also economical of the New.

Engines and transmissions

In the engine compartment may initially be expected with the use of three gasoline and three diesel. The entry petrol engine is doing for the first time be already from the Corsa and the one-liter three-cylinder Adam known engine with 105 hp. In addition, include a 1.4 - liter four-cylinder with 145 hp and a 200 hp 1.6 - liter four-cylinder available. The 1.6 - liter diesel engine is probably available in the power ratings 95, 140 and 170 hp. On transmission side, we can count on manual five-and six-speed transmissions. A DSG gearbox will not exist in the new Astra. But should gain entry during the first cycle model an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Assistance and Multimedia

When it comes to assistance and Multimedia anything will do: " With the different generations Opel Astra has consistently brought innovative technologies from higher vehicle classes into the affordable compact segment ," says Opel Managing Director Neumann. How exactly look these innovations, is not yet known . (ml)