Sharp turns in oil

Ulm, 18 October 2016

It belongs to the classics under the erotic workshop calendars: the annual survey of Liqui moly. But while other photographers and their models in hot regions such as Dubai, the oil producer is down-to-Earth. The 14 women dropped the covers in the own plants in Ulm and Saarlouis.

Internship with much body usage

At both locations, the models completed various stations within the framework of a six-day "trial placement". They were working in the laboratory, storage tanks, production planning, and cleanup. However, the occupational safety in favor of optical stimuli was neglected. Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at Liqui moly, is looking forward to his way about the outcome: "The recordings show that even motor oil can exude much sex appeal", as Baumann.

A great future for 2017

All calendars of company was the 2017er Edition, which starts the "Liqui-Molygste", in December 2016, announced the head of marketing. Workshops and special customers get free him home. Otherwise, it is offered for 17.99 Euros plus shipping costs in the Liqui moly team shop. We show you the best pictures as a sneak peek in our gallery. (rh)