Honda AC-X

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Honda AC-X was first introduced. The 4.70-meter sedan was designed as a plug-in hybrid and is particularly the Toyota Prius or the Opel Ampera provide a competitor. The four-door Honda AC-X is, however, far outstrip its competitors, the Japanese company is still at a range of more than 1,000 kilometers for the hybrid vehicle. The drive unit of a new or used Honda AC-X is composed of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric generator, which in combination provide a power output of 163 hp. Up to a speed of 100 km / h, the Honda AC - X is to leave them alone electrically move at higher speeds, the gasoline engine turns almost imperceptibly so. In city traffic, the Stop & Go, the sedan is moved solely by electricity. The driver can adjust two different driving programs, the CVT automatic transmission the Honda AC-X new car. To increase the effect of fuel-saving hybrid cars, the bodywork of the Honda AC - X has been trimmed to a drag coefficient of 0.21. According to Honda, the Honda AC-X should therefore be possible to move more than 100 kilometers of track with less than 3 liters of premium petrol.