BMW 523i

Since the E39 model range, the BMW 523i is an important model in the product range of BMW. The BMW 523i sedan as well as the BMW 523i Touring vehicle was modified constantly available over the long production time. In the course of model refinement and model change also designed as a six-cylinder BMW engine has been optimized several times. While the first 523i in the mid-1990s, had to be content with 170 hp, one must look at the latest BMW 523i car over 204 hp. The BMW 523i engine offers this much refinement, it turns silky and smooth high, without being loud. At the same time, the average consumption is an acceptable value (factory specifications) with 7.6 liters of Super per 100 km. Of 231 km / h, the BMW 523i offers very good performance and manages the sprint in 7.6 seconds (0-100 km / h). For now, the BMW 523i F10 no longer produces with its 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine since Nov. 2011, but could arrive in 2013 as a remake back on the market. In everyday life, it is advisable to leave the BMW 523i Used cars glide more smoothly : Then you can enjoy the perfect seating position, good steering, a comfortable suspension and the pleasant feeling of space both in the as well as the BMW 5 Series Sedan 523i wagon. Like all BMW 5 Series, the BMW 523i is excellently processed and comprehensively equipped, especially in terms of active and passive safety.