SEMA 2016: Sharp Camaro Quartet

Las Vegas (United States), 2 November 2016

You love US cars? And a monstrous appearance on wheels? Then the SEMA tuning show in Las Vegas is Easter and Christmas (1st to 4th November 2016) in a sense at the same time. Now even the big U.S. automakers take advantage of the gigantic exhibition to show a real armada on sporting concepts. Chevrolet brings, for example, several sharp Camaro models at the start.

Factory support for the quarter mile

The 50th anniversary of the cult sports car Chevrolet including a drag-race program hangs up, to pursue the question, how fast can be the sixth generation of the Camaro on the quarter mile (402,2 meters). The whole is crowned by the COPO Camaros. But in turn: was tried on the basis of a test vehicle, which parts to be incorporated by amateur drag racers, to get brownie points. These include among other things a modified gear ratio and of course more powerful engines with up to 600 HP. Chevrolet's focus fell on a key issue: How do we do it faster, but keep the reliability? To do so, more than 100 times was raced quarter mile along to test reinforced axles and other chassis components. Also the drive train and tires were examined.

A monster named COPO

Notable are the obtained times and speeds: 60-foot equal to 18.2 meters in 1,425 seconds thanks to a revised torque converter, which keeps the LT1 engine at startup on 4,200 tours. 6.76 seconds and 162.3 km/h for the eighth mile (201.1 m) and finally 10.68 seconds and 202,3 mph in the quarter mile. Exactly 69 wealthy customers can pick up a Camaro as "Plant dragster". The number refers to the year of 1969, when for the first time such special Camaro models could be ordered. COPO stands for "Central Office Production Order". The SEMA show car has a 5.7 liter supercharged V8 under the hood and will be auctioned in the January 2017 for a good cause. Under the sheet, a racing suspension is at the new COPO-program Camaros. The 427-aspirated engine with capacity of 7 litres and a 6.2 liter gasoline engine with direct injection are also available in terms of performance. All available units are linked to a three-speed automatic, since it comes in here to the acceleration and many gear changes should be avoided.

Camaro AutoX turbocharged four-cylinder

Almost the opposite of fat drag Camaro Turbo AutoX concept is the Camaro. It was designed by Chevrolet for use in the autocross. Autocross is popular in the United States, this is primarily possible fleet skill on a defined course. Who knows the famous Ken Block Gymkhana films: you are a distant offshoot of the autocross. Crucially, not the speed limit, but with an eye on best handling the power to weight ratio. That is why is a Camaro with the base two-liter turbo gasoline engine. To join an optimized chassis, modified brakes and modifications to the air intake and the exhaust. The installation of a manual gearbox with shortened transmission is surprising for the United States. The show is rounded off by parts of the Camaro SS, a GoPro attachment and a painting in "Shock Yellow".

Fat rolls on the Camaro "Slammer"

Speaking of Camaro SS: Chevrolet at the SEMA 2016 shows him as "Slammer Concept". Based on modern hot rods he should be especially Sturdy on the asphalt. Adjustable shock absorbers and tires in the format ensure 245/30 R22 front and 275/25 R24 rear. Welcome to the land of opportunity! As the engine is the 453 HP strong LT1 V8 with 6.2 liters of displacement, 617 nm of torque and manual six-speed transmission on board. A modified exhaust system should also reduce the pressure by up to 25 percent. (rh)