Risk through thick winter clothes

Munich, December 3 2015

A dummy sitting in chubby Anorak on his crash sled. The belt is because of the thick clothes not feel right. It comes as it must come: The crash testers of the Automobile Club ADAC leave the carriage chase away, and the abrupt braking show the measurement data: a real inmate had sustained serious injuries in the abdomen.

In Auto store winter clothes

Thick winter clothing ensures not correct seating of the belt. " This may cause serious injury to the soft tissues such as the intestine, liver or spleen, and even lead to internal bleeding ," explains Volker Sandner, director of Vehicle Safety at ADAC. Therefore motorists coat or jacket should sit, they prefer otherwise, at least over the belt.

Severe abdominal injuries already at City Tempo

The crash experts have simulated an everyday situation: An adult and a children's dummy were strapped in thick winter clothes in the seat or child seat. Then the Gurtschlitten was brought h to a speed of 16 km / and stopped abruptly ?? corresponds to the typical rear-end collision in urban traffic. The result: Both the adult and the child, the webbing transverse cuts deep into the abdomen. Even with emergency brake maneuvers may already occur in minor injury.

In children a blanket helps

With padded winter clothes the belt has leeway towards the body and is already in seatbelt usage over the lower abdomen ?? That's the wrong location. Ideally, it spans the narrow pelvic bone in adults or in children the thigh. Also children should therefore best be strapped without thick winter clothes. Against the cold keeping a blanket ready, best preheated in the house. Optimal is a heater that heats the interior of the car before the start and at Frost also assumes the de-icing . ( sl )