Record run in Inselwinzling

Santa Pod ( UK ), October 30, 2014

You have the UK just like to have: There is a tradition in which the islanders a loaf of cheese nachhechten that is rolled down a steep slope. The winner of this event has then not only usually a lot of bruises, but actually wins the grand prize, the cheese. Equally astonishing recover peculiarities in the automotive industry of the British, is only logical. One of these experiments was the wayward car built from 1965 to 1966 Peel Trident. The recently launched not only new, no, the subjects of the Queen sat on it now and still one questioned the previously fastest Trident on the legs.

Dragster racing at the " Flames and Thunder " event

Every year, the Friends of the dragster racing at Santa Pod Raceway between London and Birmingham meet to " Flames and Thunder " event. There, everything is fast, and if possible, according fired turbine drives. A normal Peel Trident ?? powered by a 0.05 - liter gasoline engine with fabulous 4.2 hp ?? reaches a top speed of breathtaking 45 km / h and would not just move there from the sausage bread. The thought is also the Peel engineers and members of the " DIY gas turbin "-Vereins and created for the occasion based on the pygmies two-seater a tiny turbine car.

Motorwinzling out, gas turbine purely

The record holder is four ?? instead of in the series on three ?? Wheels on the road. The chassis has been fundamentally changed. The body sits on a modified trellis frame, the ride height is only two centimeters and the delay is ensured by seven-inch discs. The discs are needed for the 50 - cubic - mini-engine flew out and in came a gas turbine. The compressor and turbine section is formed from a Holset HX80, the injection comes from Bosch and the combustion chamber was fabricated from an old fire extinguisher. Oh wonder that since none knows exactly how much power eventually developed the turbine.

Only two rides and even record holder

The unknown force development but it has managed to make the turbine Trident with only two rides Peel the fastest in the world. In the first race of the Small managed 105 km / h in the top, in the second were even 126 km / h on the clock. The gas turbine heart of the dwarf roars mightily to kerosene. Nine liters of light fuel devours the powerhouse in just three minutes. According to developers, the maximum speed reached was only the beginning. In spring, the tests are to be continued, then could up to 145 km / h in it . (ml)