Record hunt with Jaguar

Schwalbach / Whitley, May 22, 2015

Something that is already: In 2016 the British Bloodhound team wants to break the sound barrier and set a new speed record for land vehicles. The currently stands at 1227.985 km / h and was established in October 1997 by Andy Green at the wheel of Thrust SSC installed in the Nevada desert. Green now wants to break his own record, and resulted to be 1000 miles quickly with the new Bloodhound SSC ?? that is 1600 km / h or Mach 1.3.

Fast Patrol car on special look

Jaguar supports spectacular projects as a technology partner, among others, with engines and with two very special vehicles. This includes the F-Type R AWD Bloodhound, which is first shown live at Coventry Moto Festival ( until May 31, 2015 29 ). To also look befitting as a fast emergency vehicle, he got out of the company's tuning department an exceptional livery missed. The orange - blue custom paint now is almost like that of the Bloodhound SCC.

Jaguar engine in Bloodhound

However, of particular interest is another commonality between the F-Type and the potential world record car. It is the 550-horsepower five-liter V8, which plays an essential role in both vehicles. The F-Type is the machine as engine and bring the coupe in 4.1 seconds from zero to 100. The top of the two-door creates impressive 300 km / h. In Bloodhound, the engine with its high power the pressure in the hydraulic systems prepared and in addition drives the oxidizer pump of the rocket motor. This pump feeds the from 480 km / h launching rocket engine in just 20 seconds with 800 liters of hydrogen peroxide. A rocket and a turbo engine from the Euro Fighter are responsible for the main drive. All three machines together deliver incredible 135,000 hp.

Tested radio link

As early as November 2014, a Jaguar F-Type R AWD made ​​in a previously conducted high-speed test in the South African desert Hakskeen talked about. In order to simulate the conditions of the day of truth as realistic as possible, the R - Coupe and a military jet was equipped with exactly the same communications system at the time, which was developed for the Bloodhound. When testing the jet raced to 15 feet above the ground at 900 km / h, the Jaguar with 300 km / h to each other at low altitude. That adds up to 1200 km / h ?? and came close to the targeted record speed right. The attempt was successful: the absolutely necessary wireless connection between the pilot Andy Green and his pit crew worked flawlessly . ( hd )