Range Rover goes on Paper

Suzhou ( China ), November 24, 2015

" SUV drives over paper and comes to healing ." This message usually has the same value as a news fallen over in Australia bicycle. But when the SUV an approximately 2.3-ton Range Rover is rolling without prejudice to a five-meter-long arch bridge from paper sheets, which has already become a small sensation.

Construction in the " Venice of the East "

The paper bridge is a creation of the British artist Steve Messam. It stands in the historic city of Suzhou, a ten-million - city near Shanghai in China. Because of its many canals and bridges it is also called the " Venice of the East " ?? as fit Messams physics experiment well so. For three days he built with his team on the artwork. It consists of 54,390 high-quality paper sheets by the British company James Cropper PLC, the whole construction will bring together 7.6 tons on the scale and is held together only by their compressive forces.

Technology supports paper Crossing

The wow factor comb with a Range Rover: That luxury SUV went unscathed through the fragile installation. The technology has helped, including the Terrain Response System. It adjusts the response of the engine, transmission, chassis systems and assistance to the easily breakable surface. And supports also has the " All-Terrain Progress Control ( ATPC ) ". It allows driving at a pre-set, constant speed, allowing the vehicle with low tempo master steep slopes and mirror-smooth surfaces. For Range Rover, the paper - crossing was a spectacular prelude to the Guangzhou Motor Show ( 20 to 22 November 2015), where the Briton celebrated its 45th anniversary.

Dakar winner

Land Rover is known for spectacular actions and has broken some records retracted: The carmaker won with a Range Rover 1979, the first Paris - Dakar rally and crossed first the " Darien Gap " in Central America ?? the gap of the Panamericana, which leads through impassable bush, waterways, marshes and trails . ( hd )