Quo vadis, Qoros?

Milan (Italy), October 19, 2015

Whether this is a coincidence? At the World Exhibition in Milan ( even to 31 October 2015), the Chinese car brand Qoros presented a new SUV with the simple number 5 at the stern. The " five - number " to reaffirm the international ambitions of the brand.

High expectations

But first things first: Since 2007, there Qoros, 2013 has been presented with the 3 sedan, the first car. For the optics was ( and is ) the former chief designer Gert Volker Mini Hildebrand responsible. Supplemented by a hatchback and an SUV-like variant runs this series in its own factory in Changshu, China from the tape. The annual capacity of the factory is 150,000 vehicles, but twice is possible. But insofar as one is not, because in the Middle Kingdom, the Qoros sales are so far rather mediocre. According to " China Daily " could be brought to the man and the woman in the first seven months of 2015 just 7,000 vehicles. Currently starts the 3 sedan at the equivalent of nearly 15,000 euros.

Looking for the more

When way up not only the new CEO Phil Murtaugh, but also a clear strategy to help. In Visor has loudly Managing Sun Xiaodong 12,000 cars per month in 2017 in the Chinese market. For this, the portfolio will be expanded: To a crossover sedan and a limousine, which is located between Mercedes C-and E-Class, a complete range SUV joins. However, the international business is not yet written off: They said they were in discussions to become involved in Central Europe and to begin within 12 to 18 months with the Qoros sales in the Middle East. However, further expansion in Europe will be carried out step by step. Currently it comes only once to increase brand awareness and sales in China.

Forward with SUVs

First is the future outlook 5 SUV in mid-size format, which was designed in Shanghai and Munich. According Qoros it is in the final testing phase. Genuine details but there is not yet, are only mentioned 19-inch wheels, headlights in the style of Haikiemen and a " certain gentility ". Will be officially the 5 SUV in November 2015 to the auto show in Guangzhou, China . ( rh )