Production stop at VW

Wolfsburg, 22 August 2016

Those were the days: on the blessed beetle, VW produced almost everything still in the own House. But times have changed, without an armada of suppliers no longer runs today. Stupid only, if that external suppliers the world group, who sits on the long lever. As a result, VW must clearly shutdown production at its German plants until the end of August. We show you what does this mean for the employees.

Expected to short-time working

Although, the regional court Braunschweig at the instigation of VW issued restraining orders so that suppliers fulfil their obligations, but so far without success. Until there is an agreement, Volkswagen announced so-called "flexibilisation measures". Specifically, this means: even short-time working is possible.

Around 28,000 employees will be affected

In Emden, the Passat production from 18 is affected until 24 August 2016 with 7,500 workers. Approximately 10,000 people need to kürzertreten from 22 to 27 August in some areas of the Wolfsburg Golf manufacturing. Zwickau is concerned with the golf and Passat production, it is true about 6,000 employees from 22 to 26 August. VW works for the manufacturing of components are affected: Kassel (transmission and exhaust systems), from August 25 to 29, with 1,500 employees, Salzgitter (engines) from 24 to 30 August with around 1,400 employees and Brunswick (chassis and plastic parts) from August 22-29 with about 1,300 victims. (rh)