Premiere: The Infiniti QX50

Los Angeles (USA), 27. November 2017

1. up to 10. December the gates will open for this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. If it is so far, will be among the many vehicles, a completely newly developed mid-size SUV from Infiniti: the new QX50. Even now, the manufacturer gives us a first look at the appearance of the serial model. We want to deal with but especially with the moderate Revolution that will play out in the engine room.

Variable compression in series with the motor

Under the hood, the QX50 is the world's first production engine with a variable compression ratio. The VC-Turbo unit, which was presented for the first time in 2016, is referred to by the company as the "next big step in the optimization of the efficiency and emissions of the internal combustion engine". The 2.0-litre unit is capable of, its compression so that both performance and efficiency depending on the Situation changed.

More power, improved efficiency

A so-called "Multi-Link" System increases and reduces the stroke of the piston continuously. A high compression (14:1) in the combustion chamber provides for greater efficiency, while a low compression (8:1) allows for both higher performance and higher torque. The data: 272 HP and 380 Newton meters of maximum possible consumption should be compared to the previous QX50 models with V6 petrol engine by up to 35 percent lower. Coupled with the new four-cylinder is available with a CVT, are driven by the front wheels.

Optics, Platform, Space

Visually, the QX50's power in comparison to its predecessor is a big jump. The Design is based heavily on the study QX50 Concept that Infiniti showed at the beginning of 2017 at the NAIAS in Detroit. The vehicle will be put on a brand new platform, which is 23 percent stiffer than that of the output model. You should also ensure that there is more space in the interior. The SUV measures of 4.69 meters in length and 1.68 metres in height. By a sliding rear seat to the trunk between 895 and a total of 1,048 liters of Luggage. And if the rear seats are folded, the total volume to EUR 1,699 liters. For comparison, the Audi Q5 takes the 550 to 1,550 litres, the Mercedes GLC is packing 550 to 1,600 litres.

Assistance, Launch, Price

A technology Highlight of the new QX50 is the so-called "ProPilot" you know, for example, the Nissan Qashqai. Under this name the assistant will be grouped together to enable automated Driving. The QX50 can, therefore, by the push of a button, the track, the speed and the distance. Information about the market and a price.(ml)