Premiere: the BMW Concept Z4

Munich, 17. August 2017

The Concours d'elegance in Pebble Beach. 20. August 2017 will meet in the Californian coastal town, everything is auto mobile importance ... of the design study to the glorious classic cars. BMW showing at this event, the reinterpretation of a BMW Roadster. The BMW Concept Z4, to give an Outlook on the future production model.

Roadster with a new BMW design approach

Long wheelbase, a flat and stretched Silhouette, compact, rear: The BMW Concept Z4 is with these characteristics are relatively clearly as a Roadster identifiable. A new Design, which is markedly different from the current (and slightly retracted) BMW design language, without the typical elements of the Bavarian car manufacturer (double-kidney-to Grill, etc.). The new approach from the manufacturer: just a Few lines, clearly defined areas. The painting bears the name "Energetic Orange", in the wheel arches, 20-inch wheels in Bicolor look turn.

The interior in Detail

A majority of the interior is also decorated in the new shade of orange. Only a chrome strip separates In - and exterior of each other. The driver's seat, door mirrors, instrument panel and center console are black. In addition, BMW is throwing in connection with the interior of the word "driver orientation" in the room. What we haven't seen yet? A the Instrument cluster behind the steering Wheel, which merges together with the Info Display in the center console, almost to a large display screen. A Head-up Display is intended to bring together the essential information directly in the driver's field of vision.

How will be the production model?

"The BMW Concept Z4 is an absolute driving machine Through the reduction to the Essential, everything is the essence of driving pleasure, in the incomparably direct experience. This is absolute freedom on four wheels," says BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk. So much for the study. The series of the vehicle (by the way, a cooperation product with Toyota) will be presented according to BMW, in the course of the year 2018. Drives? The Munich-based Roadster likely to get similar engines as its predecessor: 2.0-Liter turbo diesel with 184 HP and 252 HP, but also a 3.0-Liter six-cylinder with 340 HP. Eight-Speed Automatic? Yes. Six-Speed Circuit? Let's see. Rear-wheel drive? In any case. Prices? Wait and see.(ml)