Porsche presents 911 Facelift

Stuttgart September 7, 2015

Eventually it had to come so far so times. Porsche presented at the IAA in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 2015) the next facelift of the 911, and in the stern sits no high-revving naturally aspirated more ?? sad. But the engines are not the only innovation in 911 - facelift: from the body via the running gear up to Navi has the Elfer evolved sound.

Front hui, behind Pooh

Externally, the facelift especially on the new headlights can be seen with the eye-catching four-point daytime running lights. In addition, front and rear bumper were changed slightly ?? with the result: front hui the back yuck. The color indicated diffuser and air outlets at the bottom of the rear fender at least act more unfavorably at first 3D images on otherwise beautiful Penalty - butt. Also new at the rear are the tail lights with four-point stop lights and the rear lid with vertical slats. Moreover, given the 991 shell-less door handles donated. New train wheels, there is also: A design with five double spokes, with the Carrera S rear wheels to 11.5 instead of the current 11-inch width to grow.

Finally a new Navi

The biggest change in the interior is probably the all-new infotainment system " Porsche Communication Management " ?? short PCM ?? with its multitouch screen. It now has an online navigation module including voice control, including significantly aufgeräumterer menu navigation on a 7.7-inch touchscreen. On this can be ?? like on a smartphone ?? Perform multi-touch gestures and even handwriting recognition. Moreover, you can be smart now also connect via WLAN by car and use such as the Apple - Car - play technology.

Steering wheel from the 918

Second innovation in the cockpit: The steering wheel, which is inspired by design from the Porsche 918th It has recently been a " mode switch ", which also dates back to 918 ?? there as a switch for the hybrid mode. With it, you can choose between the driving modes Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and select Individual. A decision on the dual clutch transmission " PDK ", one still gets the " Sport Response Button " to the whole drive train for an upcoming overtaking preconditioned upon actuation. The normal steering wheel, incidentally, measures 375 millimeters in diameter, the optional sports steering wheel GT whose 360th

Turbo instead sucker

Let's get to the really new parts of the 2016er Porsche 911 Carrera ?? engines: Both in normal 911 Carrera and the Carrera S tinkers a three-liter six-cylinder biturbo unit. In Carrera, the new engine from 350 hp now produces 370 hp and 390 newton meters has instead now 450 newton meters. In Carrera S's are matched by modified compressor, another exhaust system and a different tuned motor control of formerly 400 hp to 420 hp and 440 Newton meters up to 500 Newton meters. Here, the maximum torque is already at two versions from 1,700 U / min to complete. Only at 5000 rev / min, the curve flattens again. The rev limiter kicks in at 7,500 rev / min. Equips you a normal Carrera with PDK and the optional Sport Chrono package that it comes in 4.2 seconds ?? instead of the previous 4.4 seconds ?? from zero to one hundred. Deadline is at 295 km / h ?? The predecessor drove 289 km / h. With the same options Carrera S creates the standard sprint in 3.9 seconds ?? previously it was 4.1 ?? and thus is the first penalty under four seconds. Its top speed is 308 km / h ?? the pre-facelift model reached 304 km / h.Der consumption drops when Carrera of 8.2 liters per hundred kilometers to 7.4 liters. When Carrera S, the saving is even more greater: here are from 8.7 liters only 7.7 liters.

Modified chassis, new prices

Contact with the road creates a retuned PASM suspension. PASM stands for " Porsche Active Suspension Management ". The lowered by ten millimeters is standard. A new generation damper with further spread characteristics to simultaneously boost comfort and dynamics. The active rear-axle steering of the top models GT3 and Turbo is now also available for the Carrera S. She gives the car a more direct steering behavior and a smaller turning radius. The launch of the new 911 models takes place in Germany on December 12, 2015. A 911 Carrera costs from then on 94,344 euros and 108,505 euros Carrera S ?? the convertible versions, both hit with 13,090 euros more to book: 107 434 euros or 121,595 euros . ( mf )