Porsche Cayenne an even more dynamic

Lennestadt, 22. June 2018

With the third Cayenne Generation Porsche has succeeded again with a tangible driving dynamics-crack. Who has thrown the Major out of Zuffenhausen time around a couple of bends, it is only hard to believe that he has here to do with a nearly five meters long and two tons heavy, high seat. Nevertheless, the LG professionals from H&R to see the potential of the Cayenne driving experience. To teach it a suspension upgrade in the Form of new sport springs.

35 mm deep

The H&R lowering springs for all new Cayenne (330 HP) and the Cayenne S (440 HP) available. Even if the adaptive PASM suspension, on Board. Cayenne with air suspension – and the Cayenne Turbo – prior to the stay due to the construction outside. The sport springs put the Performance SUV on the front axle for 35 mm and at the rear axle by 30 mm deep. H&R promises to be an even more direct turn-in and less body roll in fast cornering. The comfort to remain on the series level.

Track plates of 14 mm per axis

In addition to the sportier suspension springs of the Lennestädter optimizer offers the new Cayenne also its Trak+wheel spacers. According to H&R, another driving dynamics and optical gain. The track plates are 14 mm per axle, with prices starting at € 122. The sport springs cost 470 Euro. Part of the opinion are supplied.(sw)