Open in the upper class?

Nürburg, 22. August 2017

By 1989, BMW had used the 8's in the program ... a top-class Coupé, the engines and technology of the then-current 7-series models. In 1999, the conclusion of the series and the BMW 6 series was from 2003 with a 5-technique in a class deep at the Start. But now BMW wants to make a return to the upper-class business and the two-door Mercedes S-classes the competition. For this reason, the manufacturer has already demonstrated an 8-seater Coupé design study, and our Spy photographers also last year, the first prototype copies. However, BMW does not want to stick to the number 8 in the future, apparently, only on a coupe the rear, but also on a convertible. The recent spy images give now the proof of that.

7-trends with a fabric roof

The Design is due to the still very extensive Tarnmaßnahmen little to say. Here it is necessary to practice a little patience. What shines through, however, is that the convertible gets a fabric roof, and that the wheelbase is the same as the coupe. We assume, therefore, that the Cabrio will be based on the current 7-series. The length of the 8 seater convertible between 5er and 7er to settle could, in terms of price, the trend goes rather in the direction of the upper class.

R6, V8, V12! Plug-in Hybrid?

How about the motors? As the Entry-level engine is a series is likely to serve six-cylinder petrol engine, runs under the name 840i and 326 horsepower produced. About all the advance maneuvering point of view, to models with the name 850i (with a V8) and 860i (with 6.0-litre V12 from the current M760i xDrive). One for the coupe already confirmed M Version could also be for the convertible is planned. In a possible M8 convertible, the 4.4-Liter V8 is expected to come with 600 HP from the latest M5. On the platform, even Plug-in Hybrid models.

Premiere and market launch

When will the S-class-Cabrio-rival on the market? Since we assume that the coupe 2018 presented and 2019 in the market is introduced, it should be with an open upper-class pleasure under the BMW Logo until 2020 something. The Premiere could take place earlier, at the IAA in 2019.(ml)