Opel Insignia: classy and colorful

Rüsselsheim, 29. January 2018

Trends that determine our lives and also the automotive industry. Two of them are individualization and higher quality equipment. The customers want to so something Special to stand out from the Rest of the crowd. At the same time, the manufacturer is pleased to be able to by more specific tools to earn more money. We take as an example the Vignale-equipment of Ford, which is now even offered in the Fiesta. Now Opel pulls, however, at first only in his flagship. The Insignia is now in the top "Ultimate Exclusive".

It may be a little flashy?

Already for some time now, Opel is offering under the name "Exclusive" Insignia buyers to get your car in any color. Whether it's the favorite Shoe or lipstick, the result can be fairly bright, like the smurf blue-mint green-turquoise Insignia on the pictures. Cheap the fun isn't over, Euro 5,900 calls on Opel to an individual color. Some cheaper so-called "collection of colors" for 2,500 euros extra.

Lavish Standard Equipment

In the price of the new top-notch features LED matrix light, Navigation, leather, a Head-up Display and a traffic sign assistant also AGR-seats front, heated seats in the rear, or an adaptive cruise control. The (almost) All-Inclusive package, however, has its price, the hand switched 165-horsepower gasoline engine is located in 39.990 Euro. A 260-HP shunting petrol and two Diesel with 170, respectively, 210 HP.(rh)