Of the next Golf?

Wolfsburg, 3. July 2017

In the major car corporations to take care of all the time in shapes: classic, present, and future. Also in the case of VW it is. With a view on the Diesel issue, the group to research an important role. It shows how the self-detonator, clean and the diesel even more economical. That is not enough: A research vehicle that could provide an Outlook on the appearance of the next VW Golf.

"Gen E" and the load robot

"Gen E" means the three-door electric vehicle, the VW engineers had been almost casually. Actually, it is a matter of the care robot in underground garages and car parks in order to Connect to the power. In the truest sense of the word more exciting, the car and its lightweight design is the architecture itself: VW says it will deliver "an Outlook on the next Generation of mobile [...] with a range of more than 400 kilometers." This is under 600 kilometers, the VW for his I. D. concept of 2016 promises to be, but sounds more realistic. Even the look of the "gen E" relatively close to the series. Not to be excluded seems to be that items the next time you Golf. At the same time a production version of the ". gen. E could usher in" the 2020 the planned starting of the electric-Offensive of the VW.

The Diesel is clean

But also for conventional internal-combustion engines, VW does not writes what just might surprise against the Backdrop of the exhaust gas scandal. But on Board a current Golf, it shows a Diesel with significantly lower NOx emissions. Surprisingly, the key data: a 1.5-Liter displacement, three cylinders are. A more advanced combustion chamber and new pistons. Fully variable valvetrain on the inlet and outlet side, packages in order to reduce Friction, as well as a heat accumulator and a variable cooling circuit. The injection pressure is enormous to 3,000 bar. For comparison: In the current Common-Rail engines there are a maximum of 2,200 bar. Add to that the new VW engine is a 48 Volt powered Booster as well as a 48-Volt hybrid system, as it is practiced by Audi in several models. And what's the point? VW says that a current Golf could be reduced to the standard round, the CO2-emissions by 25 to 30 percent.

Economical high-pressure gasoline engine with electric Motor

The diesel VW has also in view, in the last four years has been working on a "lighthouse, Otto engine". To are, engine displacement, and cylinder, there is no information. But the unit is highly compressed with a variable compression ratio. This positioned the injection valves (Straight Injection, short SI), a fully variable valve control in Central - and outlet side, a cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a particulate filter. There is also A 48-Volt hybrid system, with a ten kW (15 HP) strong electric motor. So the CO2 emissions should be reduced compared to a comparable motorized vehicle by about 20 percent.(rh)